Made in America Movement websites

Main point: Websites that highlight the Made in USA movement are highlighted.

There is definitely an undercurrent where people want to Buy American. Each day more and more people are checking labels and asking clerks if things are made in America.There are a few reasons why people want to Buy American: 1) America produces great quality products; 2) Buying American is good for the American economy and stops outsourcing of American jobs; and 3) ethical concerns such as child labor, slave labor or human trafficked workers, unsafe products, unsafe food, countries that blithely pollute the environment, which is all due to the World Trade Organization agreement that allows other countries to follow their own standards and not the standards of the American people. In order to connect with others with an interest in Made in America I have come up with a list of websites and Facebook pages that also are interested in the Made in America movement.

Made in America Movement

Made in America Movement

Made in USA/ Made in America Websites Origin

There is no official department that encourages buying American. It is basically a grass-roots movement, because our politicians have forgotten that manufacturing and exporting is still and has been the backbone of the US economy for centuries. Maybe it is because we are hamstrung by the Agreement that we signed in 1995, The World Trade Organization Agreement (for more information about the WTO, see my blog entry: A Short Lesson in Global Economics – USA vs The World), which says the U.S. will NOT favor its own products over imported products. (But that is crazy!!)  In this grass roots “Made in America” movement, a few individuals, unconnected with each other, started publishing websites on where to find American made goods.  Each year, there are more websites, and a few disappear. But they are still disconnected. It would be nice if there could be a single “master” website which could easily direct one to finding an American made product, with all the other sites being satellites.

Types of Made in USA/America Websites

There are several types of websites: 1) directory type – sends the user to links or towards brands, sometimes using a search tool; 2) products type – the website actually is selling products on their website. These websites tend to sell products that are only sold through the internet, and therefore, the number of products is smaller than products that are found in brick and mortar stores; 3) search engines – website is basically makes the user search for certain products, the problem quite often encountered is that the results many times are not Made in USA; and 4) blogs – these are usually a combination of observations and opinions mixed in with reviews of products made in the USA. (Updated August 25, 2015.)

Listing of Made in USA/America Websites

I have listed by alphabetical order websites, blogs and directories for American made products. Please note: my emphasis has been on clothing/apparel, so there may be some specialty Made in USA websites that may have not been included.

  1. acontinuouslean.com. Blog. Featured are quality clothing, accessories, some retro products. Many products made in USA. Many interesting entries. Written by Jake Gallagher.
  2. all-americanbaby.net – website, products for sale: baby clothing, baby furniture, toys, blankets, diaper bags – modest amount to chose from.
  3. Alliance For American Manufacturing. Facebook page. Political page supporting the resurgence of American manufacturing.
  4. allamericanclothing.com website, products for sale: footwear, jeans, shorts, ladies, outerwear, shirts, and socks.  They make their own jeans and belts. Good amount of choices.
  5. allusaclothing.com  website, for sale: clothing for men, women and kids: jeans, pants, polos, T-shirts, underwear, shorts, work bibs, sweatshirts and socks. Moderate amount of choices.
  6. americanbrandproject.com website by BillyKirk founders, Chris and Kirk Bray who sells hand-made leather goods. Also, has a project to help Americans find American made products.
  7. americanbuiltusa.com website, T-shirts for sale for men and women. Made in Pocatello, Idaho. Also, has a Facebook page.
  8. americanloveaffaironline.com Website, products for sale. Clothing for men and women, accessories. Good selection. Also, has a Facebook page.
  9. americanmade1.blogspot.com Blog, directory listing, may no longer be active, last entry September 11, 2011. Some links are still active. Links to automobile, boats, motorcycles, backpacks, luggage, bags, housewares, jewelry, accessories, kitchen and food, sports, toys, bicycles, furniture, glassware, clothing.
  10. americanmade everything.com  Directory- the listings are encyclopedic, but the choices under the listing are quite modest.
  11. americanmadeguidetolife.blogspot.com blog. One of my new favorite blogs. It is written by Amy from New York City. She has fun finding items “Made in the USA” such as clothing,accessories, food, drink, knick knacks, etc. She, also, provides timely newslinks about the “Made in USA” movement. She, also, has a Facebook page.
  12. americanmadematters.com website, some news about American manufacturing. Also, directory – moderate number of listings. Modest number of choices. Also, it has a Facebook page, which is one of my favorites.
  13. americanmadetoysnfurniture.com website, products for sale: toys, children’s furniture. Modest amount of choices.
  14. americanmanufacturing.org website of the Alliance For American Manufacturing. Gives daily updates of the news issues that impact American manufacturing.
  15. americanpretty.com. Website, products for sale. Contemporary clothing for women in their 20’s or 30’s. Also, has a Facebook page.
  16. americansuitstore.com Website, products for sale. Mainly men’s suits. Not all are made in the USA.
  17. americansworking.com website, directory, very comprehensive listings, good amount of choices.
  18. americasvirtualgeneralstore.com website, products for sale: clothing, accessories,shoes, socks, hats, skin care, baby, home and garden.
  19. americawhatwentwrong.org blog by Donald Bartlett and James Steele, two investigative reporters who write acout the deterioration of the U.S. economy. Probably the best site for actual information about the problems in the U.S. economy and how to fix them. They are also the authors of the newly released book, “The Betrayal of the American Dream.”
  20. anamericanfootprint.com website, directory. Numerous listings: apparel, art, audio, automobiles, furniture, home accessories, food and accessories, garden and yard, etc. Choices under listings – modest number of choices.
  21. archivalclothing.com. Blog specializing in retro clothing or actual antique clothing. Features many US garment makers.
  22. b4usa.com website, directory. Multiple listings: apparel, electronics,furniture, sporting goods, automotive. Moderate amount of choices. Has many links.
  23. brandnewusa.com website, directory of links: apparel, accessories, kitchen, home, beauty, gear, sports, kids and pets. There is a moderate amount of listings.
  24. buyamericanchallenge.wordpress.com blog. Opinions on the importance of buying American. Links to other websites. Occasional articles about American products.
  25. buyamericanmart.com website, products for sale: clothing, footwear, infant and toddler, kitchen, furniture, toys, pet supplies, luggage, garden, jewelry and car care. Moderate amount of choices.
  26. buydirectUSA.com website, directory of links. Moderate amount of listings of products, moderate number of links.
  27. buyinamerica.com website, products for sale: Clothing for women and girls, moderate amount of choices.
  28. clothierdesignsource.com. Website. A company that advises how to improve your manufacturing process.
  29. clothingmadeinusablog.wordpress.com C’est moi. Blog, opinions, economic and political, occassional highlights of US clothing brands or manufacturerers, some newlinks, some humor. Couple of comprehensive lists (like this one). Also, I have a modest Facebook page.
  30. clothingregister.com website. Listing of factories that make American made clothing – 159 factories in the USA.
  31. computersmadeinusa.com website, directory of US made computers: lists four systems – Puget, Systemax, ZT Systems and Lotus Computers. (Question as to whether website is still active).
  32. devvy.com political type website but a good section in “made in usa” products. Provides links for American made products and websites.
  33. ethixmerch.com website, ethically made products for sale: apparel, hats, bags, buttons, golf gear, mugs, pens, sporting goods. Not all are American made, see logo that says “locally made USA”, decent selection, some products are made for bulk purchase.
  34. fairindigo.com website and clothing for sale. From responsible resources and fair labor practices. Modest number of choices.
  35. findusmade.com website, directory. Listings: apparel for men, women and children, appliances, automotive, bath and body, furniture, glassware, home improvement, lawn, luggage, pet supplies, sporting goods, tools. Moderate amount of choices.
  36. furnituremadeinusa.com website, products for sale: rockers, ladderback chairs, benches, outdoor furniture from three companies, mild to moderate number of choices.
  37. hauteamericana.com Blog featuring clothing and accessories for women between 20 – 30 years of age, all made in the USA. Also, has a Facebook page.
  38. homerica.house. Website and directory for finding things for the house whether it is building materials, decorations, furnishings, appliances or furniture. Nice selection of appliance made in the USA.
  39. hometownusastores.com website that strives to become the leading retailer of American made goods. Multiple choices. One of the better websites.
  40. howtobuyamerican.com website that promotes Roger Simmermaker’s book “How Americans Can Buy American”. The links section has numerous bumper stickers representing American businesses.
  41. ibuyusmade.com blog, some news, directory gives links to clothing, art, household, furnishings, kids, pets. Modest amount of choices.
  42. info.usa-c.com website to get your product “made in usa certified”. Has some news.
  43. internetradioamerica.com website provides links to internet radio, some of them having to do with American made products such as: Crafted with Pride with Liz Havlin; What’s With America; and America made with Debra.
  44. keepamerica.com. website, products for sale: Jewelry, apparel, gifts, clothing, shoes, automotive.
  45. loopdeluxe.com Website and blog. Clothing, accessories and jewelry made in New York City or Los Angeles. Nice selection.
  46. luxeandliberty.com website, products for sale: dining, kitchen, decor, bedding, bath, lighting, outdoor, travel, gifts, kids. Modest amount of choices.
  47. madecollection.com. Website. A very large and varied selection of products all Made in the USA. Promotes American manufacturing. On-going sales. The website is of very high quality. One of my favorites.
  48. madehereinamerica.com website, directory, some different type of listings like aircraft, handguns, but many of usual subjects like clothing, garden, sports equipment. Moderate number of choices.
  49. madeinamericabuyamerican.com website, directory. Listings: art, automotive, bath & body, business supplies, clothing, electronics, home & garden, luggage, pet products, shoes, and tools. Modest amount of choices.
  50. madeinamericaclothing.com website, products for sale: only T-shirts and coffee mugs, mostly for screen printing.
  51. madeinamericasc.com website, directory. I like this website, it is not intuitive, but you need to click Made in America – Links; This will get you to American product website (71 listings), followed by American Product Directories of Websites – this gives a brief description of each of the websites listed (more than I am able to do.)
  52. madeinamericastore.com website, products for sale: clothing, grocery, home, pets, tools, toys. Moderate amount of choices.
  53. madeinamericastuff.com website, products for sale: apparel, artwork, camping, collegiate, hand crafts, home and office, pets, sports. Moderate to excellent number of choices depending on the listing.
  54. madeinamerica.tv New blog started in 2012. Various subjects clothing, toys, politics. Nice graphics and inserts of videos.
  55. madeinnyc.org. Website demonstrating products made in New York City.
  56. made-in.us.com website and directory, limited products found on search.
  57. madeinusa.com search engine that doesn’t work that great. For example, I typed in “jeans” and I got only 7 hits and a couple of them were not even American made jeans.
  58. madeinusa.la. Blog, many entries about made in USA items.
  59. madeinusa.org search engine – has many choices but somewhat disorganized and some information is old and obsolete.
  60. madeinusablog.org blog by Dr. Alex Kaplan. Occasional highlights of U.S. made products.
  61. madeinusachallenge.com blog by Sarah. Informational and highlights some US products. I follow this blog as well. Also, has a Facebook page which I follow.
  62. madeinusafan.wordpress.com blog by Rina. Informational and journal entries. She has developed a new acronym MIUSA – made in USA. (Unknown if still active).
  63. madeinusaforever.com website, products for sale: automotive, clothing, furniture, garden, pets, sports, tools, toys. Moderate amount of choices.
  64. madeinusaoreuro.blogspot.com blog, informational and highlights some US products. Maybe one blog entry for 2012.
  65. madeinusaproductsstore.com website, products for sale. Categories: clothing, home and garden, pet products, tools, shoes, baby, furniture, toys. Mild to moderate amount of choices.
  66. madeinusareport.com website, products for sale. Categories: clothing, home and garden, pet products, tools, sporting goods. Modest amount of choices.
  67. madeinusathreads.com website, clothing for sale. 24 choices for men, 14 for women.
  68. madeintheusaclothing.com website, clothing for sale: T-shirts and sweatshirts, very few choices.
  69. mademovement.com Blog. An advertising agency supporting a resurgence of American manufacturing.
  70. maderight(here) Blog: the Made Right (Here) – also known as The Not Made in China Challenge. The blog is about buying things locally and finding products that are either eco-friendly or sustainable.
  71. madeusafdn.org website of  The Made in the USA Foundation which promotes American manufacturing. It has a Hall of Fame Foundation. I wonder if the Hall of Fame membership is ever revoked when the company starts to outsource. Has a “mall” under construction.
  72. makersrow.com. Website. Matching it easier to match up U.S. business with U.S. manufacturing plants. Also, has a Facebook page.
  73. modestics.com Website.  Furniture, tables, wall decor, lighting, all made in USA.
  74. mrsamericanmade.tumblr.com. Blog. Great blog that shows some of the contemporary outfits for women using brands found in brick and mortar stores but made in the USA.
  75. nortonusa.com Website. Norton’s is a brick and mortar store with all of its products made in the USA. the website is a continuation of their store.
  76. notmadeinchinachallenge.com Sam blog as maderight(here).
  77. obviousamerica.com website vs blog. Highlights different American products every week. Very professionally done. It is a good one to read for periodic new products that come on the market than to find specific products. I just subscribed to this one.
  78. onlyamericanmadehere.com website, directory for clothing, jewelry, products can be found both via internet and brick and mortar stores, number of choices is mild to moderate.
  79. organicwearUSA.com website and products for sale, baby clothes, blankets and toys. Modest amount of choices.
  80. ouramericanstore.com website, directory for clothing, bicycles, home and garden, jewelry, electronics, pet supplies; provides links; moderate number of choices under certain listing, but somewhat disorganized.
  81. ourusamagazine.com website that focuses it attention on Our USA Magazine which has stories about America, but not just goods.
  82. petriot.com website, products to sell. Categories: automotive, clothing, home and garden, tools, sporting goods, Baby, toys, grocery. Mild to moderate number of choices. I thought this might be a website for pet supplies, but I was wrong.
  83. plaza-usa.com Website and blog. Started August 17, 2012. It is a concierge service to help people find U.S. made products: clothing, home and garden, jewelry, bikes and boats. Great start, great potential.
  84. proudamericantradingpost.com website, products to sell. Actually one of the best websites for purchase, many choices on many categories; the categories: clothing, home and garden, pet products, shoes, office, sporting goods, baby, furniture, bed and bath.
  85. rallyeagle.com website, retail products for sale; Categories: clothing, luggage, shoes, baby. Can be difficult to navigate. Search terms do not always register. For men’s clothing, there were 305 entries for socks, 3 for pants, 2 for shirts.
  86. redwhiteblue.co. Website, features clothes, accessories, some furniture. Fair to small selection.
  87. reemployamerica.us Directory, one of the better directories of Made in USA items: appliances, automotive, clothing, construction material, cookware, furniture, home and office decor household items, pet supplies, and tools.
  88. selectusa.commerce.gov Federal website to showcase the USA as the world’s premier business location.
  89. sfmade.org. Website and directory. Great website that lists small business that make things in the San Francisco Bay area.
  90. shopinusa.com search engine, supposedly brings us only US made items, it doesn’t.
  91. shopunionusa.com Website and products for sale. Men and women’s clothing. All Union made in the USA. Decent selection.
  92. sierravalleytrading.com website, products for sale, mainly products found in hardware stores except for food and dog collars. Moderate amount of choices.
  93. simplyamericandotnet blog by John Briggs. Many articles about American made products, economic and political news, especially concerning the trade deficit with China. My favorite blog.
  94. stillmadeinusa.com website and directory for both internet and brick and mortar retail products. Categories: accessories, apparel, appliances, baby, bed & bath, green products, handcraft artisans, home, decor, kitchen & dining, music  & audio, sporting goods, tools, toys & games, yard & garden. Good number of choices, Occasionally updated. One of the better sites.
  95. strictlyusa.com website with a moderate number of categories, but limited number of choices.
  96. theamericanedit.com – blog by Rita Mehta. Helping you find made in USA clothing.
  97. themadeinamericamovement.com blog and directory – mild to moderate amount of choices of products. News updates on American manufacturing jobs. Purpose: to restore the U.S. economy by connecting U.S. manufacturing and consumers. Also has a Facebook page.
  98. themadeinusaguy – Facebook page by Josh Miller, star of the movie “Made in the USA/The 30 Day Journey”.
  99. theunionbootpro.com website and work boots for sale. Boots are US made and Union Made, for different occupations. Limited number of choices.
  100. Things made in America/Facebook. One of my Facebook likes.
  101. toysofusa.com website and toys for sale. Decent selection and good prices.
  102. toysmadeinamerica.com website and directory for toys. List of 200 toy manufacturers listed in alphabetical order.
  103. unionlabel.com website and clothing and accessories for sale. Modest number of categories and choices.
  104. usa30days.com Website by Josh Miller. Mr. Miller recently completed his movie “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”. In the movie he travels across the USA using only Made in USA items. If there is no Made in USA products, he does without. He, also, has a very interactive Facebook site.
  105. usab2c.com website and products for sale. Categories: art, automotive, baby, clothing, electronics, flashlights, food, furniture, hats, jewelry, knives, pet products, sunglasses. Decent amount of choices.
  106. usaonly.us. Website and directory. Clothing, outdoor items, automotive, accessories, etc. Fair amount of selection.
  107. usalovelist.com blog, reviews of various products, better for updates than trying to find something.
  108. usamade.com website, directory, multiple categories, few choices.
  109. usamadeclothing.org website and clothing for sale. Moderate number of choices.
  110. usaonly.us website and directory. Categories: automotive, baby, garden, green products, health products, pet products, tools, toys. Links to manufacturers, moderate number of choices, good organization.
  111. usproducts.yolasite.com Directory of US made products. New website. One of the best directories going.
  112. usstuff.com website and directory. Unorganized, and sometimes outdated information.
  113. wepledgemadeinusa.com  Brand new website created by the owners of BuyDirectUSA.com. to pledge by us, the consumers of the United States of America to join together in a single voice to show our support for U.S. manufacturers.
  114. weshopamerican.com Website: US made products for sale, has several highlighted items every week. Products include clothing, office, pets and gifts.

The Best Lists

Best Blogs

simplyamericandot.net  I like this blog due to its frequent and consistent blog entries. Various topics are covered as well as numerous different American made products. The right balance of economics/politics and product reviews.

americanmadeguidetolife.blogspot.com Amy has a rapid growing audience. Good balance of different products made in the USA, with some newslinks thrown in.

madeinusachallenge.com blog by Sarah Mazzone. She has one of the largest number of followers of any Made in USA blogs. Informational and highlights some US products. I follow this blog as well. Also, has a Facebook page which I follow.

Best Directory to Other Websites

madeinamericasc.com This lists 34 other websites, however, about 4 no longer exist.

Best Website for Purchasing US Made Goods

1. proudamericantradingpost.com Well organized, lot of choices.

2. madecollection.com. Great website, great number of choices, frequent sales.

2. usab2c.com A very good site, not as many choices as #1.

3. allamericanclothing.com Nice looking website. They also manufacture their own jeans and belts.

Best Website Directory

1. americansworking.com The most comprehensive listing of products.

2. stillmadeinusa.com Very comprehensive as well.

3. findusmade.com Good amount of categories and choices.

4. b4usa.com The best looking of these four websites but not as much content.

5. usproducts.yolasite.com One of the best listings for this new website.

6. reemployamerica.us One of the best directories for finding Made in USA items.

Best Facebook Pages

The American Guide to Life Facebook page of Amy, website of American Guide to Life.

America Made Matters. Facebook, much like its website of the same name.

Bring Back American Jobs and Buy Products made in the USA. Facebook page. Political reasons as to why we should stop outsourcing and

Buy American.

John Ratzenberger’s American Made. Facebook page of John Ratzenberger (Cliff the mailman from Cheers) on his new project a crowd sourced TV show about American made products.

Made in America Expo. Facebook page that advertises its expo which gathers together nothing but made in USA manufacturers.

Made in USA challenge. Facebook page to the blog of Sarah Mazzone

The Made in USA Guy  Facebook page of Josh Miller, filmmaker of Made in USA: The 30 Day Journey, very interactive.

Some of my favorite Facebook Pages (Makers of U.S. Products)

Bills Khakis – 100% American made clothing for men, just about everything.

American Giant 100% San Francisco made clothing: sweatshirts, t-shirts and varsity jackets – online only.

Thom Browne High end fashion icon. Clothing is usually made in USA or Italy. If nothing else some of the fashion shows are quite funny.

Flint and Tinder 100% American made underwear – online only.

Freemans Sporting Club – 100% American made, upper end men’s clothing. It has four stores.

St. Croix Clothing. Men’s clothing, middle to upper end, retail. Sweaters are all American made.

Three Dots 100% American made clothing for women.

Allen Edmonds Wisconsin shoe manufacturer that makes great mens dress shoes.

American Apparel Facebook page for the chain of stores called American Apparel. 100% American made for men and women. Very controversial owner.

Clothing Manufacturers in the US

I am not a wholesaler, but there are a couple of clothing websites for wholesalers, who sometimes may help you make your clothing brands.

  1. clothierdesignsource.com. Website. A company that advises how to improve your manufacturing process.
  2. clothingregister.com
  3. fibre2fashion.com – make sure you type in ‘USA’ for your search.
  4. makersrow.com. Website. Matching it easier to match up U.S. business with U.S. manufacturing plants. Also, has a Facebook page.
  5. wholesalecentral.com

Best Blog about the U.S. Economy

americawhatwentwrong.org  Professional blog by professional writers and authors Donald Bartlett and James Steele.

If I happened to have missed your website, I am sorry. I can include you, if you would like, either through comments, or by emailing me at office1234a@sbcglobal.net.

Updated: December 18, 2015


4 Responses to “Made in America Movement websites”

  1. 1 Amy
    March 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    Great list! There are a few sites I’ve added to my reading list. I blog about American Made fashion, plus knitting and design. I have a list of American Made women’s clothes and accessories on my blog. I also have a list of American sourced and spun yarn manufacturers.

  2. March 14, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    This is such a great aggregation of the work we all do. Thank you for the list and for including me.

    • March 14, 2014 at 11:55 pm

      Thanks so much. It was a lot of work. I had deleted some abandoned websites and added a few new ones from my original post 18 months ago which was quite a lot of work. I am always looking to add newer websites.Let me know if you have that I had not included.
      -Jack A

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