KNO Clothing: Use Fashion For Good — Kickstarter

KNO Clothing: Bringing the T-Shirt Back to America by KNO Clothing — Kickstarter. Here is a new Kickstarter Project that I feel is worth funding. It is called KNO Clothing (pronounced No).  KNO is promising to make an ultra-premium T-shirt at a reasonable price.

KNO Clothing

KNO Clothing-No harmful chemicals used

Use Fashion For Good

For the T-shirt, not only is the material made here in the United States with the finest cotton in Texas and manufactured in North Carolina, but, in addition, KNO clothing will donate articles of clothing to the poor and needy, which they have been doing for the past three years. It is kind of like Tom’s Shoes. This appeals to just about everybody (except to the extreme Libertarians who feel that any charity is a waste and causes more problems than completely ignoring them – I am not making this part up, see the discussion about Tom’s Shoes on Made in USA Blog.com, [if you will note my comments have been deleted in that discussion]). KNO Clothing’s motto is Use Fashion For Good. Now, that is a good reason to fund this venture. We have had enough of “Fast Fashion” – the purchasing of disposable clothing. We have had enough of wearing clothing impregnated with toxic chemicals. We have had enough of purchasing clothing made by workers who are exploited due to their severe poverty, often being victims of human trafficking. It would be nice to buy clothing with a clear conscience. KNO Clothing aims to be one of those companies that you can trust.

KNO Clothing

KNO Clothing

The Kickstarter funding period will end it 22 days. KNO clothing hopes to raise $10,00 by this date. They are almost half way there already, which is a great start. Don’t forget to check out their website: KNO clothing, and click the top link which will get you to the Kickstarter website.


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