Bills Khakis Spring 2014 – American Made Men’s Apparel

Bills Khakis – American Made Men’s Apparel. Looking for a complete set of men’s clothing for the Spring Season of 2014, all made in the USA? Look no further than Bills Khakis Spring 2014 catalog. I have never seen such a vast selection of made in USA apparel in a very long time. Take for example pants. Here is a listing of the types of pants:

Types of Pants

  1. Original Twills (10 colors)
  2. Weathered Canvas (4 colors)
  3. Poplin Pants (13 colors)
  4. Travel Twills (4 colors)
  5. Linen Twills (1 color)
  6. Vintage Twills (12 colors)
  7. Linen Twill Jean (1 color)
  8. Denim Jeans (2 washes)
  9. Surfside Poplin (8 colors)
  10. Brunswick Denim Jeans (2 washes)
  11. Sunbleached Twill (5 colors)
  12. Antique Madras Pant (2 colors)
  13. Sunbleached Twill Jeans (5 colors)
  14. Bills Seersucker Pants (4 colors)
  15. Chamois Cloth Pants (4 colors)
  16. Captiva Twill ( colors)
  17. Selvedge Denim Jeans (1 color)
  18. Selvedge Cramerton Twill Jeans (1 color)
  19. Weathered Canvas Pants (4 colors)
  20. Seersucker Pants (5 colors)
  21. Island Twill (6 colors)
  22. Selvedge Cramerton (1 color)
  23. Bull Twill 5 pocket Jean ( 1 color)
  24. Nailhead Linen (1 color)
Bills Khakis Spring 2014

Bills Khakis Spring 2014


Bills Khakis has an amazing assortment of men’s shorts, which is important because men’s shorts made in the USA are very, very difficult to find. Like the above mention Bill’s pants, this is the greatest selection of shorts made in the USA since the heyday of American clothing manufacturing (pre-1990). In addition to the twills, cargo, poplin, bermuda, seesucker, chambray, canvas, madras, and linen shorts, Bills also offers surf shorts, swim trunks and (for the first time) boxer shorts.

Bills Khakis shorts Made in the USA

Bills Khakis shorts
Made in the USA

Other Apparel

As one would expect, Bills Khakis offers a great many styles, colors and patterns in casual shirts as well as dressier shirts. plus there are the elusive and hard to find: made in USA polo shirts. Other items worth mentioning – a blazer, soft coats, a windbreaker, sweaters, vests, belts, mocassins, T shirts and hats are in this Spring catalog, and all are cut and sewn in the USA.

One can find Bills Khakis at numerous clothiers, or they can be purchased on-line. Use the Bills Khakis coupons, they expire 2/28/14. Bills Khakis clothing are of great quality and will last for many years to come.

I leave you with a quote from Bill Thomas, founder and CEO of Bills Khakis:“Our customer seeks a brand that shares their values; they want to identify with the brands that they consume and support.”


4 Responses to “Bills Khakis Spring 2014 – American Made Men’s Apparel”

  1. 1 JJ
    March 9, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    I have one bills polo and recently ordered another. At 90 bucks a pop I’m not saying its easy to justify, but they are super comfortable and seem to be wearing well….though I’ve only had it since last fall.

    I’m curious if anyone has checked out southern tide or loggerhead polos by chance. I’ve mulling over ordering one from each to try out their quality and feel.

    • March 13, 2014 at 4:13 am

      It is true that here in the USA that we have been so inundated by the cheap imports that we think we can get polos for an unbelievable price (you get what you pay for), but if you just extended the price of polo shirts of 1980 with the price of inflation – you would see that appropriately priced polos would go for $75 – $95 apiece. I have never tried Southern Tide, they seem to be sold mainly in the Southern States. Regarding Loggerhead Apparel, my friend at simplyamerican.net thinks that Loggerhead Apparel is excellent.-Jack A

      • 3 JJ
        March 25, 2014 at 1:51 am

        Thanks for the info on loggerhead. I did run into a shop in the higher end of town where I live that supplies southern tide stuff. Sadly the polos ( super comfortable) where made in china. $78 seems better spent on bills or trying a sight unseen loggerhead.

        You get what you pay for indeed. What is troubling me more than clothing and low end industrial products is this movement now of the Japanese and Germans to build their heavy industrial auto plants in Mexico to exploit nafta. When I read the 2015 honda fit would be Mexican made….seriously the world is in its last gasp of corporate greed. I thought it was bad enough when honda had to exploit American policy to screw of their own people to sell cars here, but now this two times removed production model really begs the question who do they believe is going to have a job that makes enough to buy these products?

      • March 26, 2014 at 6:23 pm

        At its basics, according to Adam Smith, the company exists to make money. A corporation exists to increase its profits over companies, i.e, corporations are all about greed. You may want to look into Bills Khakis, they have quite a few polos to select from. Try to find a promo code or a sale from a store that sells them, if you are worried about cost. Remember they will last for years compared to the two washings and throw them away Chinese made polos. -Jack A

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