Americans Want To Buy American

New National Poll: Voters Blame Lawmakers for Weak Job Growth. | Alliance for American Manufacturing.

A recent poll conducted from January 6 – 9, 2014, asked 1200 likely 2014 voters from Portland, Oregon, Des Moines, Iowa and Louisville, Kentucky, conducted by The Melman Group, were asked about the economy and manufacturing. The results were not surprising, it was very similar to a survey down in 2012, US citizens from both parties favor increasing manufacturing in the United States. For the results of The Poll, click the link (it is a power point of 39 easy to read pages).

The Key Findings

1) Jobs, particularly in manufacturing, top voters agenda.

2) Voters see their leaders as more of an obstacle than a help.

3) Manufacturing is seen as the most critical component of our economy.

4) Outsourcing is the most important cause of lost manufacturing jobs.

5) China is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, not ignored.

6) Voters support a national manufacturing agenda including: worker training programs; tougher trade policies; keeping tax dollars here; and incentives to bring jobs back to the U.S.

made in america 2

Other Findings from the Poll

Manufacturing goods made in the USA: Favorability 95%.

American manufacturing companies: Favorability: 86%.

Products made in China: Favorability: 23%, Unfavorable 69%, (Very unfavorable 39%).

National Manufacturing strategy: Favorability 84%, unfavorable 7%.

Voters See US Policies as #1 Obstacle to Manufacturing Job Creation

Eligible voters see that politicians have not been doing their jobs when it comes to creating jobs especially in manufacturing. Plus, these voters see that job creation is more important than deficit reduction.

In assessing whether they think that politicians are doing at least something to create American manufacturing jobs, here is how they voted: President Obama 47%; Democrats in Congress 40%, and GOP in Congress 28%. (Obviously the thought that this is a do-nothing Congress is a bi-partisan feeling).

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Buy American Preferences

A whopping four out of five voters favor spending State and federal tax dollars on American goods, whenever possible, with 67% strongly in favor. 84% of voters also support a concerted plan to make sure that economic, tax, education and tax policies in this country work together to support manufacturing.


Voters definitely think buying American is very important and that we need to increase American manufacturing. Voters would like to see politicians work together to increase American manufacturing. However, it is doubtful that anything proposed by President Obama will not be filibustered by the Senate or not blocked in the House of Representatives, as this has been the practice for the past five years. And it is also doubtful that anything will be proposed by the GOP as so many are beholden to the large corporations who favor outsourcing. One would think that on issues that so many Americans want: increasing American manufacturing, immigration reform, extending the unemployment benefits that expired on 12/31/2013, and increasing the minimum wage that one of these issues would get passed.


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