HUCKLEBURY : The Perfect Fitting Shirt, for $70 – Kickstarter

HUCKLEBURY : The Perfect Fitting Shirt, Backed for 365 days by Dhawal Shah — Kickstarter. Hucklebury is re-starting its Kickstarter project to deliver well-made dress shirts, all made in the USA. The founder Dhawal Shah has decided the cut the price of the shirts from $78 to $70 per shirt, because he found he could make the shirts even less expensive than he originally forecasted. The initial offering on Kickstarter did make its original goal, so there is a great chance that Hucklebury will make its goal this time as well.

Hucklebury dress shirts

Hucklebury dress shirts

See my previous post about Hucklebury to see more about the product from my November 3, 2013 entry. The dress shirts are a great value, normally a dress shirt like this, due to mark-ups of distributors and chain retailers, would sell for $200 to $400 per shirt. Become a backer today. Update: Hucklebury has reached its first goal, that was fast. (November 21,2013); Hucklebury has reached its second goal of $25,000. Updated December 8, 2013.

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    Read about great American made dress shirts courtesy of my friend Jack A’s Clothing Made in USA blog. Thanks Jack!

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