Black Fleece Fall Collection – Shirts Made in USA

About Black Fleece. Black Fleece Fall Collection, 2013. Black Fleece is a brand under the Brooks Brothers name. In 2007, Brooks Brothers launched the Black Fleece collection to explore a fashion forward perspective on classic American style. So, they enlisted the 2006 CFDA winning designer Thom Browne who, over the past five years and ten collections, has developed Black Fleece into its own unique voice: innovative and modern, yet rooted in the two hundred year history of Brooks Brothers.

The great thing about Black Fleece is Three-fold: 1) It is made in the USA; 2) they are made by one of the world’s hottest designer’s Thom Browne; and 3) if you buy one of the suits or shirts, you are getting the Thom Browne style (for the suits, which are deliberately designed to be a bit short), but at 1/3 off the price.

Black Fleece Suit

Black Fleece Suit

Black Fleece came in second in my contest of the best American made dress shirt (first was Thom Browne), see my blog entry: Best Dress Shirts Made in the USA vs the World. The biggest problem with Black Fleece is trying to find them. You can not just go to any Brooks Brothers store or outlet and expect to find Black Fleece, no – they are only in the special flagship stores like Fillmore Street in San Francisco and Bleeker Street in New York City, see locations (there are only 24 locations in the United States).

Black Fleece shirt

Black Fleece shirt


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