Lululemon mogul thinks the problem is your thighs.

Yoga pants mogul thinks your thighs are too rough – Salon.com. In a benign interview on Bloomberg TV, Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson blames others for the problem that continues to plague Lululemon. As far as the problem with the too sheer yoga pants that caused a recall last April (see my blog entry: Unwanted Exposure for Lululemon), Mr. Wilson states that it wasn’t his fault.

Lululemon pants pulled

Lululemon pants pulled

Mr. Wilson wants you to believe that because Lululemon is on the “forefront of technology”, that there are problems beyond his control. “When you push technology, something is going to happen every now and again. We don’t really have the advantage like software being able to go on the internet and fix the software and then everything is O.K. So, then, we have an actual physical product. But where there is a thousand of different things that can go wrong on a technical fabric, and when three of those things go wrong at any one time, something is going to happen. And, it’s just almost impossible to build a quality control case for each one of those combinations.”


I guess that is why there is too sheer yoga pants.

Lululemon CEO, Chip Wilson on Bloomberg TV

Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson on Bloomberg TV

My response to that explanation is Really?! You have a physical product, you can inspect them, you can have people wear them and test them out.  You can put them on mannequins and subject them to various stretching and lighting. It would be nice if you actually went to that factory in China (unannounced) and see them manufacturing the yoga pants, to see if they are doing it correctly. It is an extremely common practice for Chinese manufacturers to cut corners when the cat (that is you Mr. Chip Wilson) is not around. Furthermore, your explanation: that a thousand things can go wrong, make me much more leery of purchasing your product. Obviously, they are not being tested for long term usage. It gives me the impression that the Lululemon yoga pants are like most of the Asian made clothing being made now – disposable.

The More Controversial Comments by Mr. Chip Wilson

When Mr. Wilson was asked about the problem of “pilling” of the Yoga pants, Mr. Wilson responded: “There has always been pilling, sometimes seat belts don’t work or they’ll wear a purse that doesn’t work. Frankly, some women’s bodies just don’t work for it”.  The interviewer said “Some women’s bodies don’t work for Lululemon yoga pants?” Maybe it might be see-through for some. Wilson replied “No, even our small sizes will fit an extra large”; (I don’t think I want to be around for that demonstration-Ed.)” it’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there, and over a period of time, how much they use it.”  At the end of the discussion about the problem with the yoga pants, the interviewer says “Then not every woman can wear Lululemon yoga pants”, Mr. Wilson backtracked and said, “I think they can, I just think it’s how you use it.” (Of course, it’s just how you use it.-Ed.)

Maybe this is what Mr. Wilson meant on too much pressure on the thighs.

Maybe this is what Mr. Wilson meant on too much pressure on the thighs.

My response to that last interaction is What?! The simple answer to “pilling” – it’s clothing, and clothing eventually will get pills of fabric. I am not sure what he meant that “some women’s bodies don’t work for it” or “it’s really about the rubbing of the thighs, how much pressure there is”, or “I just think it’s how you use it.” I think it goes back to his own facebook remarks: “Our products and design strategy is built around creating products for our target guest in our size range of 2 – 12”, as previously described in a Huffington Post article.  Maybe he is just trying to say, women with flabby thighs need not apply. This was a lulu-lemon of an interview for Mr. Chip Wilson.

Lululemon is in the process of looking for a new CEO

Lululemon is in the process of looking for a new CEO


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