The True Cost by Andrew — Kickstarter

The True Cost by Andrew — Kickstarter. There is a new Kickstarter project with only 4 days to go to fund. It is a movie called “The True Cost” by Andrew Morgan of Los Angeles. The movie is about the outsourcing of our garment industry to the very poor Asian countries and its devastating effects not just to the US economy but also to the people who make the garments. See the 4:36 minute video. It looks like one great film, very professional. Just because something happens overseas does not mean it doesn’t impact your own life.

The True Cost

The True Cost

A quote from the Huffington Post on this project: The eyes of the world are opening and I believe history is giving us this moment to choose a better path forward. Now is the time for a new narrative, as fashion pioneer Safia Minney recently said, a world were “creativity, compassion, and consumption learn to go hand in hand.”

From a personal viewpoint, I do know that this outsourcing and slave labor movements as wrong, but I have never  tried to place this (present time) into an historical perspective. This past year there have been movies about civil rights (Lee Hamilton’s The Butler) and slavery (12 years a Slave and Lincoln), and I know, and history has proven, what horrendous policies they were. But, what if I had been living in that exact time period? Would I just go along like everybody else? The answer is I hope not, but, the real answer is probably. What we Americans are doing is just plain wrong. We have made slaves out of the extremely dirt poor people in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Phillipines, just so we can have our nice fancy clothes that may be a couple of dollars cheaper so we can buy some more fancy cheap disposable clothes. Ah! what it is to be an American in 2013, so rich (compared to the rest of the world), so entitled. What did you say? Let them eat Cake?! Oh, Muffy, you are so drool.

I leave you with one quote from a person who lost a loved one in the (Tarzeen factory) Bangladesh fire last year that killed 112: “They die for your clothing”. My message to the GAP, Wal-Mart, and the other multi-national corporations that profit by slave labor: You can keep your “Blood Clothing.”

Update November 10, 2013: Congratulations to Andrew Morgan who just reached his Kickstarter funding goal for The True Cost.

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