HUCKLEBURY:A great dress shirt made in USA for $78 – Kickstarter

HUCKLEBURY: Redefining premium menswear, Backed for 365 days by Dhawal Shah — Kickstarter. Here is another great idea for crowd-funding (through Kickstarter) – Hucklebury. Hucklebury promises to deliver a high quality luxury dress shirt, “Made in the USA” – that normally retails from $215 – $400 – for a fabulous price of just $78. The reason for the reasonable price – there is no “middleman” – the distributors and the department stores which suck up the profits, are cut out.

The construction of a Hucklebury shirt

The construction of a Hucklebury shirt

Like the top dress shirts in the world, the fabric is the most important, and in Hucklebury, the material is made of an Egyptian cotton, milled in Italy, used by companies like Zegna, and Armani. This fabric will then be assembled in the United States and sold through Hucklebury’s website. The buttons will be made of mother of Pearl like the classic luxury shirts. If you don’t know what goes into a great dress shirt, I direct you to my second most popular link: Best Dress Shirts Made in the USA vs the World.

Comparison chart of top dress shirts versus Hucklebury

Comparison chart

Comparison chart

On the comparison chart, it is for the most part quite accurate. But, just a few clarifications: in certain stores, Kiton shirts can sell for over a $1,000 per shirt, but they are hand-stitched and always made in Italy (personally, if I had a new product I wouldn’t want to match up against Kiton). Burberry is rarely, if ever, made in London, even though it may say “Burberry London”. Most often Burberry shirts are made in Tunisia, but it doesn’t make them any cheaper (but it does lower their quality). J. Crew shirts, unless something has changed in the past month does not makes shirts in the United States, nor are they of very good quality. Thomas Pink, also, is not made in London, although some people have considered them high quality shirts, they did not make my list, the same goes for Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole.


Hucklebury under Dhawal Shah of San Francisco has a 15 year history of working with the fashion industry. They know the industry and they know the problems. Hucklebury is close to reaching their target goal on Kickstarter and it fills a definite niche for every man’s wardrobe – a great looking, great quality dress shirt, made in the USA, that won’t break the bank. Check out the Hucklebury site on Kickstarter.

Other Successful Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter has supercharged some made in USA clothing companies such as Flint and Tinder (men’s underwear), Ball and Buck (sporting clothing and accessories), Stock Mfg, Co. (shirts, caps); Oliver’s (athletic shorts); and don’t forget Dyer and Jenkins (selvedge jeans, sweatshirts) who has almost reached their start-up goal.

Congratulations to Hucklebury, they have reached their goal. With continued funding they will start more products. Updated November 8, 2013.


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