First carbon nanotube computer – the savior to the US economy?

First carbon nanotube computer to help extend Moore’s Law? | Crave – CNET. So what does carbon nanotubes have to do with Clothing Made in the USA? I admit, it has nothing to do with clothing, but it may provide the answer to the bigger question of “How do you stimulate and make permanent economic growth in the United States?”

The recent Past

Most of us have benefited from the “tech boom” of the 1980s and 90’s, which was due to the development of the silicon chip. The silicon chip is basically multiple transistors which have been attached together and then shrunken to a very minature size. These chips helped to miniaturize the size of computers, especially personal computers. With the advent of personal computers came the rapid expansion of the internet and multiple other accessories.

The research of the silicon chips started in the United States, then the next step was the products being developed – with the assembly and the manufacturing of the components done all within the United States. This tech-computer boom was great for the United States.  Soon, the United States was flexing its economic muscles to the point that politicians and multi-national corporations felt it was just fine to send off all of the “unnecessary” manufacturing and assembling jobs to other countries, not for better manufactured components or for better quality assembly – no. All of these jobs were outsourced solely to increase the profits of the CEO’s and its top brass. Oh, yes, soon, the American economy collapsed as millions of other manufacturing jobs left the United states as well.

Max Shulaker, doctoral student at Stanford, standing next to a basic nanotube computer.

Max Shulaker, doctoral student at Stanford, standing next to a basic nanotube computer.

The Future Rebound of the United States Economy – Carbon nanotubes.

Exciting news: in the September 26, 2013 issue of Nature – the cover story says that a Stanford research team is working on a computer made entirely out of carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes are long chains of carbon atoms thousands of times thinner than a human hair – and have the potential to be much more energy efficient and “to take us at least on an order of magnitude in performance beyond where you can project silicon could take us”, says H. Philip Wong of the Stanford Research Team.

Carbon nanotubes have the potential to replace silicon chips and, therefore, the potential to be a savior to the United States economy – if the United States doesn’t blow it – like the United States did by missing the entire economic boom of smart phones and e-books. This blueprint is clear. Keep investing in research in the United States. Then, once the the product is developed, making certain that the components are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Manufacturing and exporting has been a centuries-old-tried-and-true method of economic stability and growth. Why have we let our manufacturing drop to 5% of what we need? That is a true crime. Stop outsourcing. Support American manufacturing and Buy American. If you Buy American, you are usually buying quality.


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