Bangladesh garment factory fire kills 10 – CBS News

Bangladesh garment factory fire kills 10 – CBS News. Another factory fire in a clothing garment factory in Bangladesh on October 8, 2013.  Just six months after factory building collapse that killed 1127 factory workers and less than one year ago when a factory fire killed 112, a fire in the Aswad Garment Factory in Gazipur, outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed 10 people. The Bangladesh government, which has been under considerable pressure to make their factory environment safer since the last two devastating tragedies, has been in negotiations to improving their safety standards. These negotiations have been hamstrung by companies like Wal-Mart and the GAP who do not want extensive improvements, well, at least, they do not want those improvements to occur upon their backs, even though they are the major contractors that employ these small companies to make their clothes.

One great thing about this CBS News link is a separate story where a reporter (Holly Williams) goes undercover, acting as a buyer, at a Bangladesh garment factory. Ms. Williams finds under-aged clothing workers toiling in terrible working conditions within a fire trap. She also finds teenage kids spraying jeans with Potassium Permanganate to “age” jeans using minimal safety precautions.

Avoid cheap, disposable clothing under hazardous conditions. Buy American.

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