Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact – A Bad treaty for the U.S.

What You Need To Know About The Biggest Free Trade Agreement Ever And How It Affects Climate Change | ThinkProgress. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact (a type of treaty) is an agreement (still a work in progress) between The United States and Canada with Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Japan and Mexico. This would be the largest “Free” Trade agreement in history. Did you notice that Mexico was included? Don’t we already have an agreement with Mexico in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement which has already caused a loss of millions of American jobs since the 1990s)? Yes, we do, but this Free Trade Agreement is so much larger in scope than NAFTA that this TPP pact is called NAFTA on steroids, that is why Mexico is signing up again.


The TPP (The TransPacific Partnership Pact) has been written up by more than 600 multi-national corporations including Chevron, Monsanto, Wal-Mart, Big Pharma, Halliburton, the American Petroleum Institute according to The Public Citizen. The talks are secretive and lawmakers involved in the discussion have been sworn to secrecy (hard to believe that this is really how the U.S. government works) and the TPP is on the “Fast Track” to become law even though it is not even completed. Furthermore, this treaty only needs a majority to pass, instead of the usual 2/3 majority required for all other treaties (like the START treat – the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which required a 2/3 majority vote).

The TPP would cause the loss of millions of more American jobs in both the manufacturing and service industries, but, also, this treaty would exempt environmental, pollution and food safety standards. Plus, the TPP makes U.S. companies implement a “national treatment” requirement – which means that the US companies must waive their “Buy American” or “Buy Local” procurement policies for all of the firms operating in the TPP countries. (Wow, getting rid of the buy local and Buy American movement, just like that).

The TPP is like a wish list for giant corporations. For instance, Monsanto added a clause that all genetically modified foods can not be banned or even labelled in other countries, and it would repeal existing laws in those countries. And Big Pharma has added a clause that other countries would have to pay the exceptionally high prices like they do in America, due to patent laws.

So far, the TPP has been unpopular with the public, but that doesn’t stop giant corporations from writing their own rules. And anything that encourages outsourcing of American jobs is bad for America. Stop the TPP!


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  1. March 26, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Looking for source of :”Stop TPP – NAFTA on Steroids” graphic with the HULK to print out for a poster exhibition on climate change to premiere in May 2016. Need permission and high res files. Thank you. Carol Wells http://www.politicalgraphics.org

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