OLIVERS: The Last Pair of Athletic Shorts You’ll Ever Need — Kickstarter

OLIVERS: The Last Pair of Athletic Shorts You’ll Ever Need by David W, Barrett P, Mike M, Mike A — Kickstarter. Another kickstarter success! Olivers was developed by four San Francisco entrepreneurs who wanted to make a pair of shorts comfortable for a long run and stong enough to withstand a day of rock climbing but that also look nice enough to wear to a Sunday brunch with friends.

They came up with Olivers, a men’s athletic brand that makes custom-designed shorts with water-repellent fabric, mesh pockets, tidy seams and a drawstring.

Olivers shorts made in San Francisco

Olivers shorts made in San Francisco

The first Olivers shorts will be manufactured in San Francisco in October and ready for delivery by December. The shorts will sell for $68 on the company website.

The base fabric has a 4 way stretch and is water repellent. It will be made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. The mesh pockets will be 66% Nylon and 34% Spandex and more tear resistant. There are three different colors: Stealth, Swell and Slate.

Other Kickstarter Projects

Not all Kickstarter projects make it off the ground. Sometimes a good idea gets bypassed for no other reason than timing or publicity. Often, the funding time period is very short, so if you are not a frequent visitor, some great projects can go unfunded. For clothing projects for Kickstarter, type in “clothing” or “Garments” or if you have a favorite like “socks” or “shoes”under SEARCH to find some worthwhile projects. Make sure that they will be made in the U.S.A. There are two other Kickstarter projects that have been funded and have continued. One is the very successful: Flint and Tinder – which sells underwear. They now are making jeans and hoodies. (Flint and Tinder can be found on my blog entry: Listing of Brands made in the USA via Internet.) The other Kickstarter success is Stock Manufacturing Company, which makes men’s shirts and now blazers. I helped fund the last one. So, get out their a help fund the next great idea.


2 Responses to “OLIVERS: The Last Pair of Athletic Shorts You’ll Ever Need — Kickstarter”

  1. August 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    They look really comfy. I bet a lot of guys will appreciate having a nice option for athletic gear.

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