The Biggest Secret Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of, Explained (Another Free Trade Deal)

The Biggest Secret Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of, Explained | Mother Jones. The Trans Pacific Trade Deal is the next North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) fiasco in progress. It is a Free Trade Deal which will add another 12 countries to the preferred list (of 125 countries) – meaning no import duties from these countries, but the number could increase to half of the world under terms of the agreements. No import duties has meant, more jobs being outsourced to those countries from the United States.

It is Time to Stop these Free Trade Deals

Don’t we let these other countries already siphon too many jobs from us already? I am starting to believe that it is all of these agreements: the World Trade Organization, NAFTA and now the Trans Pacific Trade Deal, that are the true killers of the US economy. What, originally, was done to boost the economies of other nations has not had the desired effect (except for China and its “State-run companies”) and instead has brought down the standard of living in the United States. In the U.S., the gap is widening between the rich and middle-class/poor since 1980. Elevating to the next level in economic class is harder than it has ever been. The middle class is disappearing and becoming the poor. Unions, which helped to prop up worker’s pay, have been decimated, it is now down to 6.6% in the private sector. More and more companies are avoiding paying benefits to workers. More companies are subcontracting employment organizations for temporary workers to the tune of 2.7 million workers. (See link for “The 4 a.m. Army” Time Magazine June 8, 2013). We are becoming more like China and Bangladesh with all of its subcontractors.

Further Effects of Free Trade and Outsourcing

Manufacturing jobs have been decimated in the United States. the U.S. provides now only 5% of manufactured products to its citizens. The US is now second to China in manufacturing. Just in the past 10 years, the United States has outsourced 12 million jobs (5.5 million of those were manufacturing jobs). The World Trade Organization agreement makes it free for 125 nations to ship products into the United States duty free, while the United States still has its exports undergo import taxes to other countries. It is like having 125 active hungry leeches on the body of the Uncle Sam, all at the same time, while one leech is actually larger than Uncle Sam all together, (China). Why do we give China the designation of preferred when they are the number one manufacturing power in the world and will surpass the United States as the biggest economy in the world within the next five years? It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, but now Paul is so rich, and, yet, we are still robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe it was okay to siphon off jobs from the US in 1980, but in 2013, with 12 million people unemployed, very little manufacturing, and a struggling economy, more outsourcing is the last thing we need.

Why do the Free Trade Deals Lead to Outsourcing?

Free Trade Deals eliminate the import tax into the United States. This gives the “preferred” country under the Free Trade Deal, a built-in unfair advantage for their products over countries that have been shunned. Large corporations will always take advantage of any unfair business practices. Once a country has been declared “preferred”, the CEO’s will go to those countries to work on special tax deals for their companies, and maybe work some special bribery arrangements, which are legal in most of those countries. Then, they will examine the cities, their population and their trade routes  to make sure they have a multitude of adults and children that they can then exploit as their new slave laborers without having to worry about safety restrictions, environmental standards, disability claims, healthcare or any workers benefits. Outsourcing is the unintended consequence of the Free Trade Deals and it is major. And, it is outsourcing that has caused the United States to transform itself from a strong juggernaut of manufacturing to a shadow of former self – becoming an anemic country of service employees whose jobs can just as easily be outsourced as well, a country who can’t take advantage of the greatest single global economic boom in the world: the smart phone, e-reader, Ipad boom, because we don’t make any of that stuff.

What I don’t Trust

Two other things I do not like about this deal, as well as the NAFTA deal and the World Trade Organization agreement, is that they are organized and run by lackeys for the biggest corporations in the world and for the benefit of themselves. Second, is that these talks are totally secret. No person gets to see it until it is already law. I say: “Down with the Trans Pacific Trade Deal, Down with NAFTA and Down with the World Trade Organization Agreement and the World Trade Organization.” We need to stop being stupid. How can the United States help any countries if we are already too weak? I say ” Build up the United States first”, and, then, re-admit slowly (place all worthwhile nations on probation and admit them one nation at a time to see that they are compliant before admitting them  for the “preferred” status, so that there are no more embarrassing debacles like the Bangladesh Factory Fire and the building collapse). We are NOT the U.S. Economy of the 1970’s, no, we are a devastated economy that bases its economy on how much consumers spend. How stupid is that? We need to get back to the centuries old, tried and true formulas for a strong economy, and every formula has had manufacturing and exporting as its base. The U.S. needs a mix, but it still needs to manufacture at least 25% of what it needs.

Buy American. For every dollar spent on a product made in the USA, $3 goes back into the US economy. It, also, provides jobs, and besides, as a benefit, you are purchasing a quality American made product.


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