More Best Made in USA Websites

For the 4th of July, I have decided to add to my list of the Best “Made in USA” websites. For people interested in the made in USA/America movement, sometimes the internet is a very inefficient and not very friendly in attempting to find others interested in the “Made in USA” movement. There are many people with websites, facebook accounts, blogs, tumblr and twitter accounts that are promoting “Made in the USA”. My original blog entry listed about one hundred entries, see Best “Made in USA websites.”

I have just added another 30 entries for Made in USA websites/blogs or Facebook accounts. Sorry, I have not listed any twitter accounts and I have listed one tumblr account.

My Favorite “Made in USA” Websites

We will start with one of my favorite blogs: The American-Made Guide to Life. This blog is written by Amy in New York City. She has a rapidly growing audience and comments on finding things “made in the USA”, such as clothing, accessories, food, drink, etc. Amy, also, lists some timely multi-media articles about “Made in the USA”. She also has a Facebook page.

Another one of my favorites is from Josh Miller who just completed his movie “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”. His website is usa30days.com. In it he tells you about the movie, and you are able to purchase the movie. The premise of the movie is that he travels across the United States over 30 days using only Made in USA products. When he does not have “made in the USA” products, he does without. He, also, has a very interactive Facebook discussions.

Another great site is madecollection.com. It is a website, that collects many different and exciting products all made within the USA. They have many sales and a very good collection of clothing, accessories and many surprising things.

sfmade.org is a great website and sort of a directory. It highlights small businesses that make things in the San Francisco Bay Area. Another website which is very similar is madeinnyc.org demonstrating products made in New York City.

Other Made in USA Websites

acontinuouslean.com. Blog. Feature are quality clothing, accessories, some retro products. Many products made in USA. Many interesting entries.

Alliance For American Manufacturing. Facebook page. Political page supporting the resurgence of American manufacturing.

americanbuiltclothing.com Facebook page of Americanbuiltusa.com. Clothing, made in the USA, limited amount, motorcycle gear.

americanloveaffaironline.com. Website, products for sale, clothing, accessories and jewelry. Good selection. Also, has a Facebook Page.

americanpretty.com. Website, products for sale. Contemporary clothing for women in their 20’s or 30’s. Also, has a Facebook page.

americansuitstore.com Website, products for sale. Mainly men’s suits. Not all are made in the USA.

archivalclothing.com. Blog specializing in retro clothing or actual antique clothing. Features many US garment makers.

Bring Back American Jobs and Buy Products made in the USA. Facebook page. Political reasons as to why we should stop outsourcing and Buy American.

buyrealamerican.com. Directory for a great variety of items. However, listings under categories are rather small.

clothierdesignsource.com. Website. A company that advises how to improve your manufacturing process.

hauteamericana.com Blog. Features made in USA items, clothing and accessories. Target population: 20’s – 30’s women. Also, has a Facebook page.

loopdeluxe.com Website and blog. Boutique of clothing, accessories and jewelry made in NYC or LA. Nice selection.

madeinusa.la. Blog, many entries about made in USA items.

mademovement.com Blog. An advertising agency supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing.

makersrow.com. Website. Matching it easier to match up U.S. business with U.S. manufacturing plants. Also, has a Facebook page.

modestics.com Website. Furniture, wall decor, tables, lighting all made in USA.

mrsamericanmade.tumblr.com. Blog. Great blog that shows some of the contemporary outfits for women using brands found in brick and mortar stores but made in the USA.

redwhiteblueco. Website. Features clothing, accessories, jewelry, knick knacks. Selection is small in many categories.

shopunionusa.com Website and products for sale. Men and women’s clothing. All Union made in the USA. Decent selection.

Things made in America/Facebook. One of my Facebook likes.

usaonly.us Website and directory of various products: clothing, outdoor gear, automotive, accessories, etc. Fair amount of selection.

usproducts.yolasite.com Directory of US made products. New website. One of the best directories going.


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