MAde in The USA: Journey Behind the Label – Topline

This video segment named Made in the USA: Journey Behind the Label was aired on ABC’s show ” Topline” regarding Josh Miller and his new Movie “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”. This Topline segment was aired this past weekend. The segment runs 4 minutes and 36 seconds. It is a brief panel discussion hosted by Rick Klein and Olivier Knox with guests Josh Miller and Ron Newcombe.

On one of the questions asked by Olivier Knox was: “If a working class person walked into a big box store and sees two roughly equivalent product, an $8 product, made in the US, and a $3 product, made in China – How do you get that person to pick the roughly equivalent product made in the USA?” Josh’s answer was to decrease the price of the American product. My answer would be to challenge that the “roughly equivalent” portion. Products may, sometimes, seem roughly equivalent, but the cheaper Chinese product is almost always of much lower quality. One needs to take a longer look. If you want a disposable product, pick the Chinese product. If you want a product to last for years, pick the Made in USA product. Over the long run, it will save you money (and it will be safer), whether it is hardware, appliances, pet food, or clothing.

made in usa 30 day journey

Josh Miller’s movie was inspired when a manufacturing company was closed down in his small hometown in West Virgina, which triggered the near collapse of the local economy and wondered if this was happening all across the USA. Yes, it was.  The movie’s premise was that Mr. Miller would travel over thirty days, across the United States, using nothing but Made in USA products. If he did not have the product, he went without the product, and he put it all down on film.

The film has its official opening premiere on July 4th, 2013 in Ripling, West Virginia. The film can be purchased on-line already at his website. The Made in America movement hopes this film heightens interest in the movement.


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