Made in the USA Swimwear 2013

It is now June 2013. Summer will soon be here and our thoughts will soon be entertaining the possibilities of warmer weather and ultimately going to the beach or laying out by the swimming pool. Now is the perfect time to shop for swimwear, because within a couple of weeks all the major department stores will be putting away all their swimwear. (That is the way of fashion, the stores always carry clothes for the next season – as soon as summer is actually here, all the summer clothes disappear.)

Happily, the United States still makes a decent amount of Made in USA swimwear. For example, L Space  made in the USA, makes very trendy swimsuits which can be found at numerous specialty stores but can also be found at these two department stores: Nordstroms and Nieman-Marcus. As far as the best selection of swimwear in department stores, I was actually surprised that Nieman-Marcus offered the greatest selection of great swimsuits, many made in the USA. The range of prices is also the most variable to inexpensive to very, very expensive. Nordstroms swimwear Made in USA, lists about 183 items. Macys swimsuits, made in the USA, lists about 53 items. Barneys has some Made in USA swimsuits, however, the website currently is unable to search for you: “swimwear made in the USA”.

L Space Santorini Sunrise

L Space Santorini Sunrise

Interesting Swimsuits Made in the USA

I have recently found an Internet site, called Popina swimwear. They have two store locations. And what makes their store interesting is that they offer some retro looking swimsuits. And don’t forget Fables by Barrie, on their website or through Modcloth.

Popina retro swimsuit

Popina retro swimsuit

Listing of Swimwear Made in USA

I have updated my swimwear list made in the USA from my 2012 post, here is the link for the listing. This list includes swimsuits brands in brick and mortar stores as well as swimsuits found on the Internet only (with links included.)


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