An Interesting Post and Videos from American Lean

Mainpoint: A number of American manufacturing companies are highlighted with videos from an entry from the blog American Lean.

I have posted from American Lean blog once before  (last year), it was the American List. The American Lean blog itself is very eclectic, much of the time on the subject of clothing, usually more upper scale, and sometimes about the history of clothing. But there are many different tangential subjects as well. But, the one I found most interesting was F*** Yeah Made in USA. It is a series of short videos (usually a couple minutes) about companies that continue to manufacture in the U.S.A. In fact, there are a total of 48 videos.  Here is the list of companies that are highlighted in order:

Bollman Hat Company – Adamstown, PA

The Good Flock – Oregon

Pendleton – Oregon

Frank Clegg Leatherworks – Fall River, MA

Club Monaco – U.S.A.

Imogene & Willie – TN

KA – Bar Knives – PA

Joseph Abboud – New Bedford, MA

Schoolhouse Electric – Portland, OR

General Knot & Co. – New York

Oak Street Bootmakers – Maine

Oldflowers – Utah

MAKR – Florida

Pointer Brand – Tennessee

Martin Greenfield Clothiers – N.Y.

Randolph Engineering – MA

Defy Bags – Illinois

Club Monaco & ACL – Maryland, NY & PA

Scout Books – Oregon

Mannington Flooring- New Jersey

Imogene & Willie (Part II) – TN

Tellason – California

Grain Surfboards – Maine

Faribault Woolen Mills – Minnesota

Soulcraft – CA

Allen Edmonds – Wisconsin

Imogene & Willie – TN

Wilson Footballs – Ohio

Billykirk – PA

The Brooklyn Circus – NY

Cunningham Classics – New Jersey

Raleigh Denim – North Carolina

Stronghold – California

Garland Shirt Company – North Carolina

Roy’s Jeans – California

L.L. Bean Boots – Maine

New Balance – Maine

Optimo Hats – IL

Qoddy shoes – Maine

Red Wing Shoes – MN

Duluth Pack – MN

Danner Boots – OR

Alden Shoes – Massachusetts

Pendleton – OR

Oxxford Clothing – Illinois

Wolverine 100o Mile Boots – Wisconsin

Horween – IL

Danner – Oregon


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