Best Lab Coat Made in the USA

I had previously written an article about finding scrubs and lab coats made in the USA. Finding these articles of clothing are very difficult because greater than 99.5% are outsourced. So, after reviewing the manufacturers and their websites several times over the past year, the number of companies that makes scrubs and lab coats in the United States continues to get smaller. There have only been deletions and no additions since my original post on August 18, 2012.

The Study

This article starts with my listing of lab coat manufacturers in the USA, from my entry “Scrubs and lab coats made in the USA”. From this list, I purchased a single lab coat from each company. I purchased all the lab jackets on the same day, and I track the price, the shipping, the quality, etc. (One thing this experiment has shown me is that once you visit a website and try to make a purchase, that is when you know if that website is still active.)

There were only four websites that make lab coats (made in the USA) for retail purchase. Disclaimer: Even Scrub/Ink which “makes coats for Dr. Oz” is unavailable. I went to the Scrub Ink website (website looks very good), tried to order the lab coat, but it was unavailable, when I talked with the company representative, they said they no longer sell Scrub Ink lab coats and will be changing their website name – therefore, I did not try other websites, like Petriot.com, which had the same picture of the same lab coat.

The Lab Coats

The first to arrive was from Dakota Textiles. I received this 4 days via UPS after the internet order. The cost $27.99 and $7.00 for shipping. Embroidery is unavailable. There are different sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, xlarge, 2xlarge,3xlarge and 4xlarge. And there are different colors to choose from. So, I chose the long lab coat in my size (but I was guessing). This had a snap front closure, 3 front pockets and the material was made up of 99% high density textured polyester that repels fluids and bacteria with a carbon stripe(?). Here is the picture:

Dakota Textiles Lab Coat

Dakota Textiles Lab Coat

I guess this was the barrier long lab coat, which is better for working in a laboratory or entering patient’s rooms who have a spreadable infectious disease. Instead I should have ordered the Regular long lab coat for $20.99, which has a breast pocket and two large front pockets. That is one of the problems with internet shopping. Although, this website is not all that sophisticated.

The next lab coat to arrive was Sunstarr Apparel via a UPS box, 8 days after ordering. I ordered the Men’s Lab Coat, size choices were: Xsmall, small, medium, large, x-large, 2x-large up to 5XL. The cost was $26.95, embroidery $4.75, shipping $11.06, total of $42.76. The lab coat had three coat pockets (one chest and two lower pockets), a belted back, pearl white buttons, slide slits, and it is made with Polyester/cotton blend. Here is the lab coat:

Sunstarr Apparel

Sunstarr Apparel

The third lab coat to arrive was Sassy Scrubs. The Sassy Scrubs lab coat arrived via USPS mailing envelope 18 days after the order.  The size choices were x-small to 6XL, but with many conversion tables (chest size, height, etc). I chose the men’s 39 inch lab coat in icicle white. The cost was $59.95. Embroidery was not available. The coat has three pockets, one chest and two lower pockets, a back slit, large white buttons and it was made with a polyester/cotton blend.

Sassy Scrubs

Sassy Scrubs

The last lab coat to arrive was from Doc’s Duds. Doc’s Duds arrived 21 days after ordering by a nice garment box with a hangar and bubble wrap via UPS. The coat I chose was “Wayne’s Coat”. Size is based on chest size. The cost was $95 including embroidery (or $85 and $10 for embroidery) and $17.95 for shipping. Total was $112.95. The coat was made of a high tech fabric with stain release. There are three outside pockets, one chest and two lower pockets, and three inner pockets, also one chest and two lower pockets. There was a belted back and two slide slits.

Doc's Duds

Doc’s Duds


All of the lab coats fit, despite the poor modeling. As far as looks, the Doc’s Duds look best on the hangar and on the model.  It also has extra pockets and deeper pockets which enable the pockets to hold a better quality stethoscope without it falling out. But, on a personal note, I did not like a few things. One is the fabric, although it is high tech and stain resistant, it also looks thin and feels stretchy. The other minor thing I didn’t care for was the totally white buttons. And since the total package is $112.95, it was just a little much for not being totally right.

The Dakota Textiles may be okay, it was the cheapest, and what I received was not a medical lab coat. I give my evaluation on Dakota Textiles an incomplete.

That leaves just two, Sunstarr Apparel and Sassy Scrubs. Sassy Scrubs does have deeper pockets, which is a plus. But, I didn’t like the all white buttons and I thought the size was just slightly off. And the fact that it doesn’t come with an embroidery option means an additional visit and expense. Therefore, the winner is Sunstarr Apparel. The lab coat was made out of a nice material, had clear to white buttons, and embroidery. It does not have the deeper pockets, but, that is the standard. Plus, Sunstarr was the second least expensive at $42.76 with shipping and embroidery. Out of 4 companies, Sunstarr Apparel makes the best Lab Coat in the United States.


I just received an e-mail on April 11, 2013 from Sassy Scrubs. They are going out of business. That leaves only three lab coat manufacturers in the USA, and less choice for Scrubs. Scrub Med which makes scrubs also does make a lab coat Made in the USA. This has two larger pockets and a smaller chest pocket. Embroidery is not available. (Updated January 14, 2014)


4 Responses to “Best Lab Coat Made in the USA”

  1. April 13, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Great post. Sad news, though, about Sassy Scrubs. I hate seeing good businesses in Upstate NY struggle or not make it.

  2. August 2, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post on USA Made Lab Coats, however, you left out Scrub Med Lab Coats.
    Scrub Med brand scrubs have been Made in the USA since 1989. We offer a wide variety of quality scrubs in both prints and solids; tops, pants, lab, jackets and lab coats. We also offer custom alterations including custom inseam pants, embroidery and more.
    We know that people care about clothing that is Made in the USA which is why we have continued to manufacture our garments in Portland, Or. We have a retail store in Portland too!
    If you continue your Lab Coat comparison, you should try the Scrub Med Lapel Coat from http://www.scrubmed.com
    While our coats do have white buttons, we doubt you will find fault with our quality or craftsmanship.
    We hope you consider us in any future posts about quality, USA Made uniforms.

    Thank you for your hard work in highlighting Made in the USA products!

    • August 4, 2013 at 8:01 pm

      Dear Erin,
      I appreciate your e-mail about Scrub Med Lab Coats. The reason it was not included in the original article was that I could not verify that the Scrub Med Lab Coats were actually made in the USA. You carry several different brands, and when you click on the Lab Jackets made by Scrub Med “details”, there is no mention of where they are made. However, there was the one paragraph I found that said the Scrub Med scrubs and Lab jackets were made in the USA on another page of your website, which I had not seen previously. _Jack A.

      • August 14, 2013 at 5:20 pm

        Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We have updated all Scrub Med brand products to include Made in the USA in the detailed description.

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