Hickey Freeman Sale

There is some good news and there is some bad news. First, the bad news. Hickey Freeman, one of the oldest American makers of men’s suits and clothing is closing up some of its branch stores. They plan, by the end of this year, only to have a single store in New York City. They will still continue to make suits, pants, shirts and sweaters, and they will be available at various department stores and certain higher end men’s shops. Now the good news, all these shops are now having a 70% off clothing sale. For a place that never has sales, this is an incredible deal. At the San Francisco store at 767 Market Street, San Francisco, CA., which by the way has been at that location for over 5 and a half years, still has a very nice selection, that is because their store continues to have some supplies come in. How long with the store be open? It is unknown, They will be there to, at least, past April 1st, the rent for the store is currently on a month to month agreement.

Alexander Skarsgard wearing a Hickey Freeman tux

Alexander Skarsgard wearing a Hickey Freeman tux

70% Sale is hard to Beat

I went to the Hickey Freeman shop just to see what was in it. I was visiting San Francisco on a day trip for another reason. Immediately, upon entering, the sales person told us there was a 70% sale going on. Then, I had overheard another salesperson that the store was going to be closing. So, I asked my sales person and he gave me the above story. So, that started me shopping. Hickey Freeman makes all their suits and tailored pants in Rochester, New York. The shirts are more of a mix, some are made in the USA, some in Italy, some in Turkey. The sweaters were made in China.
I pulled out my charge card to pay for a pair of black worsted wool pants, excellent quality, original retail, $350. I also purchased 4 button down shirts, one from the US, three from Italy, each retailed for $295 each, (70% off, brought in down to $88 each). So, maybe I spent a little more than I had planned, but I have obtained some vary high quality garments that will last for years and saved over a thousand dollars in the process. So, happy shopping. And if you are in the neighborhood, go and get yourself some great deals.

The Hickey Freeman factory in 1899

The Hickey Freeman factory in 1899


4 Responses to “Hickey Freeman Sale”

  1. 1 Neal FItzpatrick
    October 25, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Alas, the hickey Freeman is now made in Indonesia….using a quaint title of “Hickey”

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