Unwanted Exposure For Lululemon

See-through yoga pants a pain for Lululemon – Evening Sun. Story from A.P. by Anne d’Innocenzio and Michelle Chapman. The biggest story of the day (obviously a slow news day) is Lululemon’s too sheer Black Luon yoga pants which reveals too much of their clientele. The complaints started appearing after March 1st. Lululemon, a Canadian company, which makes hardly any of its athletic wear in North America was quick too blame its Taiwanese manufacturer. However, Eclat Textile Co. Ltd (the Taiwanese Co.) is taking none of the blame. It says it followed the specifications to the letter. So, who’s right, the company that orders the garments but does no internal evaluations or the foreign manufacturer, who has to make a profit (and we have no way to know if they are cutting corners, because nobody from the parent company it there to check)?


The Lululemon yoga pants account for about 17% of all its women’s pants, and at $100 a pop, probably costs $5 per pair, made from slave labor, with a 2,000% mark-up, you know Lululemon is going be losing a chunk of change. Yoga pants have replaced leotards, sweatpants and shorts as today’s ladies leading athletic wear. For many women, the clingy, and, sometimes leaving-too-little-to-the-imagination-yoga pants have become every day wear, seen in grocery stores, restaurants, parking lots and businesses. Is this everyday wearing of Yoga Pants – a good thing or a bad thing? I guess it depends on who you ask.

Quality Problems Uncovered Previously

This is the not the first Lululemon product to have issues with “oversheerness”, says In The Capital. This has been the fourth problem within the past year.  First, it was the sheerness of their swimwear in the Spring of 2012. Another pair of the pants are sold with the disclaimer, “You may experience sheerness with some of our bright-colored bottoms because of the light weight material of the fabric. We recommend you do a couple of Down Dogs in your bright-colored bottoms to ensure you’re happy with the fit and coverage.” (Hopefully, in the privacy of your own home). The fourth issue has to do with problems with bright dyes bleeding.

Light colored yoga pants already have a disclaimer

Light colored yoga pants already have a disclaimer from Lululemon

Lululemon Stock Drops as Yoga Pants Expose Problems (from Reuters)

Investors usually like transparency. But not in this case. Lululemon’s stock dropped 6% or more than $250 million dollars in one day. Taken with inroads by competitors on yoga pants, Lululemon stock is down 16% since the start of the year.  The too-sheer yoga pants are a lulu of a lemon. “The company’s profits are going downward, dog.” -Robin Abaine, LA Times. “Another problem like this could leave the company with a lasting bum rap.”-Jana McGregor, Washington Post. I see London, I See France. I don’t see any underpants. This is just sheer madness and gives much unwanted exposure for Lululemon.  But all is not lost, in a Tweet from Second City Toronto: “When life hands you a lululemon, make lulu-lingerie.”

If Not Lululemon

So, if you do not want to patronize Lululemon anymore, then who? There are several makers of USA made yoga wear. See my link: Replacing Lululemon.


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