Poppy von Frohlich – Wool Coats Made in the USA

North Coast Frost in Wool Herringbone by PVF

North Coast Frost in Wool Herringbone by PVF

Poppy von Frohlich. Poppy Van Frohlich is a very unique clothing company. Not only are their wool coats made in the United States (unique), they are made right here in the Bay Area, San Francisco (more unique), but then, they make a new coat design every six weeks (most unique). Wool Coats have been the traditional winter wear for hundreds of years and nothing looks smarter than a well designed wool coat. There may be more light weight and more water-resistant materials now, but none of those materials look nearly as sleek and classic than wool.

So this is how it works: Poppy Von Frohlich (PVF), not to be confused with DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg), designs a new coat (every six weeks) and sews samples of the coat. Then, they post that particular prototype coat on to their website. Once, on the website, they accept a limited number of orders, maybe one or two for each size, sizes typically run from 0 to 12. After they accept the orders, only then do they take them to the sewing factory and have them produced. It takes approximately six weeks to receive the coat after the order. After the order is made, that is it. If you didn’t get your order in on time, you are out of luck, there are no more.

This is somewhat reminiscent of another San Francisco clothing company, American Giant. They make a new design of a shirt or a sweatshirt every six weeks, however they do not wait for the entire order to be filled before sewing. The great thing about Poppy Von Frohlich is that you will be receiving a very fashionable, sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes- retro, high quality coat that nobody else will be wearing. Another plus with the PVF plan is that eliminates a lot of waste. In contrast, the imported coats are made in extremely high volumes, shipped all over the world, and probably half of them end up in landfills within a year or two. On a side note – this is quite similiar to the food production problem – where half of all our food that is produced is thrown away. Maybe this is the start of the new earth friendly trend to conserve our resources.

About Poppy Von Frohlich

Poppy Von Frohlich is a recent start up business starting in 2012. Trudy Hodges is the genius and local designer behind PVF. The wool coats are of amazing quality, made of Italian wool and lined with a fine cotton flannel or thick satin.

Urban Meadow in Black and White Tweed by PVF

Urban Meadow in Black and White Tweed by PVF

To visualize some of the PVF designs – go to the website and visit either the Archives or Coat Collections. Coats typically run in the $400 to 700 range. These coats will last a lifetime. To decide on what size you may fit you, there is a size chart on their website, and they recommend that you measure yourself as described in that section to best determine your size. To preview the up and coming designs, I recommend that you sign up on their website. I have just ordered the North Coast Frost in Herringbone Wool Coat for $470.


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