My New Year’s Resolution – Enjoy Life and Buy American

Through out my life, I have never been one that has made many New Year’s resolutions, probably because I have never thought I had that many horrible habits that needed redeeming. But, sure, like everybody else I promise myself that I will eat better, exercise more and drop a couple of pounds, but never so seriously as to make a resolution of it. This year, however, is different.

I have noticed, like people from other countries had previously noted, that Americans are always in a hurry. It’s always seems like it is just one frantic rush from one place to another. The American people are exactly like the people stuck on a cruise ship, who stop off at a port like Rome, and for next 8 hours, they have to see a dozen different places: they see all these places but are not really able to enjoy any of them, because they MUST get to the next attraction.

The United States has one the finest standards of living in all of the world. There is a plenitude of everything: Televisions, cars, homes, DVD, cable/satellites, cell phones and abundant great restaurants and shops. Yet, hardly any one says they are happy. And the reason people say they are not happy is because they don’t have enough time or money. But, this is the real problem with the average American citizen – even if they make more money, it is never enough, give them more time, it will actually seem that they have even less time. That my friend, is called mired in the Rat Race. And that is what I have noticed of myself as well.

So, I have stepped back and looked at things from another perspective, like somebody from another country, whether it is from one of the islands such as Jamaica, Tahiti or Hawaii (island time people), or Europe: France or Greece, and I have come upon the idea that Americans are just nutso, they are just killing themselves. We do certain behaviors like: rushing all the time (even in leisure activities), “not enough time to eat”, maybe just some fast food on the the run. Or leaving a whole one minute in case of traffic problems, these are just unsound solutions for enjoying life.

Resolution #1

My idea to enjoy more of life entails slowing things down and simplifying. No, I’m not quitting my job and living out in the boonies – those American boonie people – many times have trouble relaxing as well. In my spare time, I will be using it more wisely – less time on the Internet, which isn’t accomplishing much, less time watching television and cable. I am going to give myself an ample amount of time to eat, so I can sit and eat, and savor the meal, preferably in an outdoor setting, like a cafe, so that I can people watch. This usually means visiting more of the smaller non-chain restaurants which I have been trying to do anyway over the past year. Another goal is to drink more wine. I have a wine refrigerator full of some excellent wines, and I might not get to drink a glass for weeks, because I am “too busy”. Remember, wine is good for your health – as long as it is not excessive. There will be less rushing around this year. More time for reading and taking walks.

Resolution #2

Regarding buying American: I have absolutely no problem buying all my clothing in the U.S.A.(I am getting close to 100% in this department). I have done fairly good at buying other products made in the US as well, but I would like to get even better. For instance, I need some new “bypass loppers” , they are like garden hedge trimmers. I went to Home Depot – all they had were Fiskars which are all made in China. So, I have gone to Lowe’s , Orchard Supply, and ACE Hardware, none of these chains carries any made in the USA. It is such a sad state that the United States have gotten ourselves into: such a lack of manufacturing, such a lack of small business competition. (I hope the next 30 years does not continue this terrible economic downward spiral.) My search continues for Made in USA bypass loppers. As for the next step, I guess I will check out possible internet sites. Moral of the Story: Buying American creates American jobs. For every American manufacturing job created, another 5 American jobs are created. For every dollar spent on a U.S. product, gives back 3 dollars to the U.S. economy (vs buying a Chinese product where each $1 gives back $0.40 to the US economy). Buying Chinese (and from other slave labor countries) costs Americans jobs, destroys American manufacturing and makes many new Chinese people millionaires, who can come to your town and buy the best real estates around. Buy American.

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3 Responses to “My New Year’s Resolution – Enjoy Life and Buy American”

  1. 1 Amy
    January 7, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    “It is such a sad state that the United States have gotten ourselves into…” I couldn’t have said it better. Good luck with your resolutions.

    • 2 JJ
      January 14, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      In agreement 100% on Americans and their endless quest for unfulfilling consumer gratification. I visitied relatives a couple years ago in Germany (the most industrial of the EU Zone countries closest to American “capitalism”) and what blew me away was that one of them “rented a garden” (which was mearly a 2500 sq ft or so lawn with some trees, bushes, a shed, and a picnic table and chairs) for 40 euros a month, and they had to do all the upkeep such as mowing and raking etc. Paying money to do chores is what my first impression was….stupid….however it was quite a hit to have this piece of property. Lots of social activity almost everyday or the week, lots of casual beer drinking, lots a of story telling and human interaction. Not a lot of smartphone surfing, tv watching, telecommuting from a place like this. And somehow, they are in a better place in the world as far as domestic manufacturing and sustaining a largely socialist existance with many more taxes and much less keeping up with the jones syndrom. Happiest people I have ever met in my lifetime. Hope you are able to attain something similiar to this in your new resolutions, I know I changed my attitude a lot about whats important and whats BS after that trip.

      PS. Im in the same boat with a home coffee maker currently. Tired of buying crap made in china that breaks in a year. I think a 10 cup US made BUNN machine for $100 is excessive, but thats what its breaking down to for US made machines, otherwise more expensive Italian made ones. So depressing.

      • January 14, 2013 at 11:01 pm

        Dear JJ,
        Thanks for your input. We always learn things when we travel outside our normal circle, especially if we visit the European countries since they are “Western” like ourselves, yet still quite different. Regarding the coffee makers – Bunn made in the USA for $100 does not seem excessive to me, but it depends on what you want. There is another company, that makes some of their coffee makers here, but they may use some imported materials. Their prices seem reasonable. They can be found at: http://www.medelcoinc.com/faq.htm. Their name is “Medelco”. -Jack A.

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