Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America | Video – ABC News

Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America | Video – ABC News.

This is a 3 minute and 10 second video aired on 12/12/12 by ABC World News on how the word is spreading about Made in America movement, especially on Twitter. This segment is part of their continuing series of Holiday Shopping for Made in America. In this segment, ABC News gives a tip of the hat to some of their affiliates who aired Made in America news stories independently. They also visit American Giant, a sweatshirt maker in San Francisco who has already sold out of everything.

Earlier in the series which aired on Black Friday, 2012, ABC News produced “Made in America Christmas – Creating New Jobs During the Holidays.” In this segment they check shoppers bags for how much U.S. made goods they have purchased. One main point of this 3:36 segment is that if you bought one made in America gift (average $64) this would create one new American job. Ah, the power of money. Too bad the United States doesn’t use this power in a collaborative effort more often.

ABC News also has a very nice list of Made in America products links. I have reviewed this link, it is not that great. Updated March 12, 2013. -JA

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ABC News
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2 Responses to “Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America | Video – ABC News”

  1. 1 JJ
    December 25, 2012 at 12:06 am

    I have been reading this blog for a while. I decided about a year ago to purchase US clothing whenever possible (as well as stop buying sh*t in general cheaply made in china). I made 5 purchases this holiday season regarding clothing. 1 agave, 1 James perse, 1 AG, 1 American giant, and a pair of new balance 990 shoes….all made in the US. It wasn’t that hard to find. It also was reasonably priced on sale except for the American giant.

    What frustrates me reading or watching things like this video is that people in this country are for the most part blissfully ignorant….paying even more than I did for a label that long ago off shored production to a sweatshop in SE Asia. In the 1990s a brand name probably meant quality in my experience….I guess I have seen the light and am no longer loyal to brand names, only to a minimum standard of humane working conditions and products that provide quality regardless of price.

    • December 25, 2012 at 6:09 am

      Great response. My hope is that the American people wake up to the injustice that they themselves are inflicting upon themselves. Buying American is a very good value, and almost always of better quality than the SE Asia sweatshop products. -Jack A

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