LL Bean – Made in USA

Mainpoint: LL Bean has a few items of clothing made in USA, plus many items for the outdoors made in the USA.

I have scanned many internet sites for made in USA items especially clothing. Many of the Made in USA internet sites are a mixture of many different items, but they usually have a limited number of choices. I was looking up LL Bean to see if they had any US made crew neck sweaters. Sorry, but they don’t, however, they had another sweater made by Fall River. Plus they had some dress shirts made by the New England Shirt Company, and some twill pants made by Brooklyn Britches. LL Bean has many boots and many socks made in the USA to chose from as well as a few belts and hats.

New England Shirt Co.

New England Shirt Co.

Brooklyn Britches

Brooklyn Britches

Fall River

Fall River

Kokatat Paddling Jacket

Kokatat Paddling Jacket

LL BeanBike Jersey

LL Bean
Bike Jersey

As you go to the site, under search you can type in “made in usa” and there are actually quite a few odds and ends that are made in the United States. Besides the above clothing, they have furniture, both indoor and outdoor,  camping gear, canoes, water bottles, bicycling carriers, tools, snowshoes and a lot of other outdoor gear. It made for a nice little search. Obviously, most of the items in LL Bean (like just about all stores in the US) are imported, but they do have some different made in USA items.


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  1. January 10, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Great site – please consider joining our FaceBook page Buying American as your info would be invaluable to us!

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