Made in USA: 30 day Journey

I have been writing about finding clothing made in the USA for about a year now. I have been impressed with the occasional TV’s ABC News short news briefs about finding things made in America. But there is a new project afoot, I am personally excited about: Made in USA: 30 Day Journey.  There is a person named Joshua Miller who is making a movie about things made in the USA. (Make sure you visit his facebook page at Made in USA: 30 Day Journey – he will give you updates on where he is, where he is going and he can interact with you. Also, view the U Tube Video. This is a one minute commercial about his project.)

Synopsis of the project, Mr. Miller will travel all throughout the United States looking for things made in the USA. His clothing will all be American made. His transportation will all be American made (I am not sure if he will be able to tell whether the gasoline he uses is American drilled or imported), he will stay at hotels across the way, and if the bed is not made in the US, then he is out of luck. It is also interesting because he won’t be able to use his laptop or cell phone either as they are foreign made. And, of course their will be some economics and politics about how we got here, and where we are headed. I hope the movie is a hit and that it will help raise the consciousness of the American public. Good luck, Joshua.

Don’t forget to check out his website as well.


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