Newslink: General Electric making appliances again in the USA

GE | Technology | Services | Finance | Innovation | General Electric. General Electric is bringing back U.S. manufacturing jobs to the U.S., but slowly and cautiously. Currently, General Electric makes “Green” hot water heaters in Appliance Park, Kentucky, near Louisville.

Other upcoming projects:

“Smart” front loading washing machine – 2012

“Smart” front loading dryer – 2013 (It will be the first dryer to be made in the United States in years.)

Bottom – freezer refridgerator – 2012

Stainless steel, bottom – freezer refridgerator – 2014

Energy rated dishwasher – 2014.

Another appliance company that is making more in the United States is Maytag under their American Pride designation.

I know this entry does not have anything to do with clothes, but it is the companion piece to Clint Eastwood’s ad.

Appliance Park

Appliance Park


On 2/16/2012, The Alliance of American Manufacturing has noted that GE while bring back some jobs is still in the process of sending out more jobs to China. They are moving their headquarters to China. They are moving their radiology (or Xray) technology jobs to China. Plus, they are developing a joint venture with China with the new field of Avionics, which will double the number of workers in their Chinese plant.

Conclusion: It is simple GE: more jobs back to U.S. is good. No new jobs in US, not so good; more jobs being sent to China, more than being made here, that is bad. That is how we got here. Your commercials are hypocritical if you do not try to make amends.


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