Clint Eastwood: Super Bowl ad aimed at Americans, not politicians – latimes.com

Clint Eastwood: Super Bowl ad aimed at Americans, not politicians – latimes.com. I think it truly says that we live in a sad time when a Pep talk to America by Clint Eastwood is criticized by GOP king maker, Karl Rove, for being too political. Clint Eastwood talks on the above link and says there was no spin, it was not political, there was no subliminal messaging, so get off my back, punk! The last part was mine.

I felt that the actual message of the commercial was trying to convey is that the United States as a people should come together to create jobs and especially jobs in the manufacturing field. I am sure Mr Eastwood believes in insourcing – where we bring jobs back to the U.S. from other lands, even though he is a Republican, not that all Republicans are against insourcing, it’s just that none has ever said so publicly (probably because a certain President from a different party thought it was a good idea and said so.)

It is great to see manufacturing coming back to the U.S. For my blog, I have seen certain clothing manufacturers bringing jobs back: Eddie Bauer, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean and Keen. But, it is, also, good to see appliance manufacturing coming back like General Electric, see newslink: GE, and Maytag’s American Pride. Our nation will be much stronger with a vigorous manufacturing base, (if we can make at least 20% of what we use) and therefore, be less dependent on other nations. It is a tried and true solution for a solid economy for centuries, why get away from it?


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