Underwear Made in USA: Internet Search

Mainpoint: Clothingmadeinusablog investigates underwear made in America via the internet.

As this blog is about finding clothing, made in USA, in retail stores, internet shopping is really an off-topic for me. But, I do not want to close my mind to all other alternate possibilities. So, that is why I have included this article about my internet search results. But before we get started, I would like to refer you to my last post: “Underwhere: Underwear Made in America.”  And I want to refer you to the following underwear clothing manufacturing names (found in retail shops): American Apparel; REI; Patagonia; bgreen; Bamboosa; Hanky Panky; Spanx; and Zinke. Tommy John undershirts are supposedly available as well although I have not personally verified this fact. I have bought some, they are made in the USA (addendum 5/24/2012).

So, as I type in ‘underwear made in USA’ – there are several good leads: Union House Mens Underwear; Wickers.com; Blue Canoe;  Campbellsville Apparel Co. and Skiviez.com. As Skiviez.com always comes out near the top of all my searches (I am sure they have paid for that), we will start there. Now, I am no bon vivant playboy, but I didn’t grow up in a turnip truck either (‘neither for you Midwesterners, where I grew up). I was prepared to see boxers, briefs, bikinis, boxer briefs, low rise briefs and thongs. But I did not realize that there are Men’s underwear fashions so out there that it would give Frederick’s of Hollywood a good run for its money for being racy.

Now, remember, we are investigating underwear made in USA. And under ‘Made in USA’ on Skiviez, listed were 213 different garments. And I truly doubt that there were 213 different garments as it would exceed  the other sites for US Made combined by 20 times. And there is no way to verify if these garments are US made on the website – as websites (through a loophole in the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act – there was no internet back then) do not have to tell you where their garments are made. So, I tried a different line of attack, I searched one of the clothing manufacturers – Andrew Christian. And what I found was: he was born in Fresno; and he is some sort of celebrity, but no where did it say where his garments are manufactured.

So, back to Skiviez.com. There are so many different types of underwear, and as I continue, I feel like I am on a gay porn site. There are special briefs that make your butt look bigger. There are  briefs that have a special pouch that you can put in an artificial penile silhouette (not included). There are transparent mesh underwear where the models place their hands within the briefs so as to shield the shopper from looking at their private parts. There were a myriad of different colors, many very bright with designs like you see on bicyclist shirts, loud neons and neoprenes. There were many different styles like lace-up jock straps; “Show It’ Briefs – briefs with a separate color or fabric just for the front panel; ‘Show It’ Air Jock Strap – sporty underwear from the front, but, when you turn around, it is just a bare ass. This would be an unfortunate choice of briefs if you happened to get into an accident, or showed up for a military physical exam. So, onto the next site.

The next internet site was Union House Mens Underwear. Now this site, clearly demonstrated that their product was made in the USA. There were 35 pictures of the American flag on the first page alone. As far as the choices of underwear, there were three: boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs. There were three choices of colors: white, black and gray. There were no models wearing the underwear, just the briefs standing by themselves for maybe too long – a kind of wilting appearance. Quite a contrast from Skiviez.

Next: wickers.com. This website has a moderately good quality website. Wickers.com started in 1981 and specializes in underwear garments with “wicking” technology. They have briefs, boxers, T-shirts, running T-shirts, thermal underwear, and active thermal pants – like running pants. They have several different colors.

Next: Campbellsville Apparel Co. This is a small company with a very small website, They only sell three different items: cotton undershirt, wicking T – Shirt,  and briefs. Everything is made in Kentucky.

Last, but not least: Blue canoe. Good website. It has ladies underwear and outerwear, everything made in America, possibly from California. Lot of different styles and colors. Of the all of the above listed, Blue Canoe has the best selection of American made underwear. Second choice: Wickers.com. I do not believe that Skiviez are American made. (Updated March 13, 2013)

Listing of Underwear Made in USA found on the Internet

  1. Blue Canoe (also found in some stores)
  2. Campbellsville Apparel
  3. City Boxers
  4. Flint and Tinder
  5. My boxercraft
  6. Only Hearts
  7. Shivers (Long Underwear)
  8. Style Marq
  9. Twig n Berries
  10. Undrest
  11. Union House
  12. Union Line
  13. Uranus Apparel
  14. UwearUSA
  15. Wickers
  16. Zic and Cha Cha

Updated 5/26/12

“Never in the history of fashion has so little been raised so high to reveal so much that needs to be covered so badly.” – Cecil Beaton


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