Clothing Made In USA: Santana Row stores

Main point – Determination of the percentage of made in USA clothing within Santana Row Stores.

I visited Santana Row with the purpose of mapping out all of the Santana Row clothing stores and take a rough estimate of American made clothes in each of the stores. It’s kind of like doing a Google Map of the stores. I plan on visiting a few other shopping centers, in order to accumulate enough data that the reader can look at the blog and see if this store has been reviewed and decide whether it is worth visiting, if your purpose is to find clothing made in the US.

Santana Row is San Jose’s high end complex of stores, restaurants and spas. It is located at the corner of Stevens Creek and Winchester. It has over 70 shops, 20 restaurants, 9 spas and salons, two wine bars, one tequila tasting bar, a theater and a hotel (Hotel Valencia). The narrow main road – Santana Row is three blocks long with the shops and restaurants along the sides. The speed limit is 5 MPH, many of the restaurants have street side dining, like in Europe, and it makes a great place for people watching. This place is so high end that it squeezed out the very popular Ben & Jerry’s (not renewing its lease), because it was not high end enough.

The following is a brief description of each store (in alphabetical order)

Ann Taylor Loft – Ladies wear, medium end. Large chain, found in multiple locations. 0% American made clothes.

Anthropologie – Mainly ladies wear, some non clothing items, medium end.  Large chain. <5% USA made.

BCBG Max Azaria – Ladies Wear, medium end. Large chain, multiple sites. 0% USA made.

Boutique Harajuku – Ladies Wear, medium end, Target age: 20 – 45.  One other store in San Francisco. Many clothes made in Italy, Portugal and Spain, but 0% USA.

Brooks Brothers – Majority Men, medium to upper end, Target age: 30 & up. Many dress shirts, and suits. Large chain. < 5% USA.

Burberry – Mens and Womens, upper end. Large chain. Couple of Raincoats made in England, rest made by Tunisia, etc. 0% USA.

Chico’s – Ladies Wear, medium end; Large chain. <2% made in America.

Diesel – Majority Mens’s wear, medium end; Large chain. 0% USA made.

Eli Thomas – Men’s Wear, medium to high end. Target age: 30 & up. Only store. Many dress shirts and suits. Many items from Italy. A great bet for business type clothing, < 5 % USA.

Franco Uomo – Men’s Wear, medium to high end. Target age: 30 & up. 2 other sites in South Bay. Also has San Francisco Shirt Co. shirts. Many Italian clothing items. Can tailor a shirt from scratch if you would like. <5% USA.

Free People – Ladies wear, Medium end. Target age 20 – 30. 40 other boutiques, part of Urban Outfitters. <5% USA made.

H & M – Men and Ladies wear, low – medium end.  Large chain. 0% USA

Hlaska – Men’s Wear, Medium to high end. Target 25 & up. Only three stores – San Francisco, Stanford and Santana Row. Started in San Francisco, clothes still made in San Francisco. 100% American made. A Must see.

Lucy – Ladies athletic wear. Medium end. Target all adult ages. Large Chain. < 2% USA made.

Lululemon Athletica – Athletic wear, women more than men. Medium end. Target age: all adults. Large Chain. 0% USA.

Orvis – Outdoor Wear. Medium end. Large chain. Despite internet advertising of “Made in America”, clothing is < 2% USA made.

Penelope Boutique – Ladies Wear. Medium to high end. Target age: 30 & up, except for Gowns. Individual store. Many gorgeous items of clothing from France and Italy. Few Canadian items. It is on the less traveled section of Santana Row- definitely worth a peek.  0% USA but < 5 % North American.

Pink Stripes- Ladies Wear. Medium end. Target age: 20 – 30. Not a chain. Many tops made in USA – 50% USA made. In the back, often they have different types of sweets.

San Francisco Shirt Company – Ladies Wear.Medium to high end. Target Age: 25 & up. Supposedly the shirts with the affixed label San Francisco Shirt Company are made in the USA, but no label actually says this. 5% USA made.

Smith Alder – Ladies Wear. Medium to high end. Target age: 30 & up. Individual store. Owner and daughter frequently in the shop most times. Specializes in smaller or lesser known labels, many tops, coats and sweaters made in Italy, Germany and some USA. Many items are one size fits most. Definitely worth a stop. 25% USA made.

Spazio – Ladies wear. Medium to high end. Target age: 25 & up. Only store in USA. Italian designer – all clothes made in Italy or Turkey. Pronounced Spaht – Zee-Oh. Great clothing. Bought a great dress for my wife. 0% USA.

St. Croix – Men’s Wear. Medium to high end. Target age: 30 and up. Small Chain. Many Italian and American clothing items. 25% USA made. Probably the greatest looking clothes around.

Ted Baker – Men’s wear. Medium end. Large chain. 0% USA made.

The Blues Jean Bar – Men and Ladies Wear. Medium end. Target 20 – 30. Small Chain 60% USA made.

Tommy Bahama – Men and Ladies Wear. Medium end. Large chain. < 2% USA made.

Urban Outfitters – Men and Ladies Wear. Medium end. Target age: 20 – 30. Large chain. Internet had advertised “Made in America”, 2% USA made.

Listing of Santana Row stores carrying USA made clothes (from highest to lowest)

  1. Hlaska – 100%
  2. The Blues Jean Bar – 60%
  3. Pink Stripes – 50%
  4. St. Croix – 25%
  5. Smith Alder – 25%
  6. Brooks Brother  < 5 % & European
  7. Eli Thomas  < 5 % & European
  8. Franco Uomo  < 5 % & European
  9. Penelope Boutique  < 5 % & European
  10. Anthropologie  < 5 %
  11. Free People  < 5 %
  12. San Francisco Shirt Company  < 5 %
  13. Orvis < 2 %
  14. Urban Outfitters < 2%
  15. Chico’s < 2%
  16. Lucy < 2 %
  17. Tommy Bahama < 2%

No American clothing but plenty of (OK) European clothing: Spazio, Boutique Harajuku

No American clothing but occasionally European clothing: Burberry, Ted Baker

Do not even bother: Ann Taylor Loft, BCBG Max Azria, Diesel, H & M, Lululemon Athletica. Really you probably do not need to bother for the less than 2% stores either if you are looking for American made clothes.

“Fashion is made to become unfashionable.” – Coco Chanel


2 Responses to “Clothing Made In USA: Santana Row stores”

  1. October 10, 2011 at 12:19 am

    I thought the point on this story was fairly specific. I was checking how much American clothing was in these shops. I don’t feel I was doing much whining, maybe some other articles, sure, but not this one. As far as looking for attention, I suppose that is why you write a blog – as for your point – guilty as charged. Thanks for your input. -Jack A

  2. February 13, 2012 at 12:41 am

    The research was done by me. I went into each store, looked at labels, identified what was made in the U.S. and estimated what % of them were US made compared to everything in the clothing store. I do realize that stores do change their inventory, and percentages may change, they also change by location. For example, the time I visited the Blues Jean Bar in Santana Row, there was actually quite a high percentage of US made garments. Two weeks ago, I went to the Blues Jean Bar in San Francisco and found a much lower percentage of US made clothing. I stand by my research, if there was any specific discrepancy, I would be glad to re-evaluate. -Jack A.

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