Politics and Buy American Advocacy Don’t Mix « Buy American Challenge

Politics and Buy American Advocacy Don’t Mix « Buy American Challenge.

The above link is a great opinion from Mr. Randy Erwin in his blog – buyamericanchallenge.wordpress.com.

I think most Americans if they could or pondered more deeply about it would buy American. The reasons for buying American are numerous. It creates jobs in the United States, especially manufacturing jobs. It keeps money in the United States. Often, the products are superior. So, most people can agree on this issue.  But it is not easy and sometimes too expensive. It does seem that nowadays, there are very few things people can agree upon except that the US needs more jobs.

The trouble comes up when people start blaming other people for the problems that have occurred. With regards to clothing and loss of clothing manufacturing, it has been going on for over thirty years. So, both parties are to blame. The solutions to the problems can also be political as well. We don’t want to be over protective or isolationist with our economic policies – we can all agree. Most people also can agree that the United States does need to work on its trade policies with other countries as well – which is a more difficult problem to deal with than at first glance. Besides that one unifying issue, the solutions usually have a partisan flavor, even though some solutions which had been universally accepted, have become partisan as well.

As far as my blog, I have tried to stay away from politics and will continue to do so in the future. I may suggest solutions to our problems and I hope that those theoretical solutions do not offend anyone.


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