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Made in America Investigation: American Workers Fighting Back | Video – ABC News

Made in America Investigation: American Workers Fighting Back | Video – ABC News. ABC News: Made in America – this segment aired on August 27, 2014. This 3 minute and 42 second video is about how some counterfeit products are costing Americans companies money and ultimately their jobs. This particular segment focuses on counterfeit Rosetta Stone products which at first blush look exactly like the real thing.

The first examples in the video mention “American Mills” and “United States Sweaters” which are made in China. These products are not truly counterfeits, (unlike the Rosetta Stone example), because their labels declare  “made in China”. Are they misleading? Why, of course, they are deliberately deceiving. Is it unethical and immoral ? Yes, but isn’t a lot of corporate business that way? Is it illegal to have the American flag, or labels saying “U.S. Polo”, or “John Varvatos, USA”, or “American Mills”, but still have a label saying it is made in China? The answer is no. The business men in China and the U.S. executives who set up this deceitful type of practice are laughing at you, because you didn’t read the label. “Buyer Beware” is their motto. And there is not a whole lot you can do about it. But in cases of definite wrongdoing, one can write to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Their address is: Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20580. The above link to the FTC shows the regulations regarding textiles. And here is a link to the FTC on-line complaint form.

Another place to complain or to start an investigation in to wrongdoing is, the place where David Muir went to, which is the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. This is part of the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) units. They like to advertise their successes.

Remember to read the labels. If you want the real, better made American products, you must check the label. ABC News have done 150 segments of “Made in America” over the past three years – keep up the good work.


ABC World News Traces Made in America Jeans Back to the Farmer Who Grew the Cotton. | An All American Life

ABC World News Traces Made in America Jeans Back to the Farmer Who Grew the Cotton. | An All American Life. Originally aired on ABC News on December 6, 2013. ABC News has occasionally been tackling the issue of “Made in America” since 2011.

David Muir and the ABC World News made in America team are at it again with their made in America Christmas segments as thousands of Americans have already said they are in & ready to buy American made gifts. It`s the Christmas season & just one thing could help create thousands of new jobs right here at home as ABC World News reports that $64 spent on a USA Made item by each American can create over 200,000 new jobs and wish American workers a merry Christmas.

Clothing is just one theme with Christmas gifts each and every year, but did you know that 98% of the world`s clothing is NOT made in America? ABC World News reports that just 2% of the world`s clothing is made in America.

The All American Clothing Co. is part of that 2%. The USA made blue jean manufacturer is one of the few remaining USA made clothing companies left in America today. All American Clothing Co. was recently featured on the “Made in America” segment with ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (Dec. 6) as David Muir traced a pair of jeans back to the American farmer who grew the cotton with All American Clothing`s Traceability Technology.

About All American Clothing Co:

Founded in 2002 by Lawson & BJ Nickol due to a previous employer`s decision to outsource jeans and jobs to Mexico, the father and son team started the All American Clothing Co – A USA made jean company of their own that vows to never trade USA jobs for foreign profits. The father son duo and their All American Clothing Co. has been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN Living, Huffington Post, Fox Business, CNBC, Sirius XM, Forbes, Inc., and many more.

About Traceability Technology:

Traceability is all about the truth of where jeans come from. It offers some recognition to the hard working Americans who are involved in making jeans. All American Clothing Co. is the first jean company in the world that gives it`s consumers the opportunity to trace a pair of jeans back to the American farmers who grew the cotton used in their jean. The system supports over 12,000 American farmers & workers across the country.

Thanks to The Made In USA Guy, Josh Miller, for posting this story on his facebook page.


Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America | Video – ABC News

Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America | Video – ABC News.

This is a 3 minute and 10 second video aired on 12/12/12 by ABC World News on how the word is spreading about Made in America movement, especially on Twitter. This segment is part of their continuing series of Holiday Shopping for Made in America. In this segment, ABC News gives a tip of the hat to some of their affiliates who aired Made in America news stories independently. They also visit American Giant, a sweatshirt maker in San Francisco who has already sold out of everything.

Earlier in the series which aired on Black Friday, 2012, ABC News produced “Made in America Christmas – Creating New Jobs During the Holidays.” In this segment they check shoppers bags for how much U.S. made goods they have purchased. One main point of this 3:36 segment is that if you bought one made in America gift (average $64) this would create one new American job. Ah, the power of money. Too bad the United States doesn’t use this power in a collaborative effort more often.

ABC News also has a very nice list of Made in America products links. I have reviewed this link, it is not that great. Updated March 12, 2013. -JA

ABC NewsMade In America

ABC News
Made In America


Are You New to The Made In America Movement? This video is a Good Start

Made in America | Video – ABC News. Are you new to the Made in America movement? Where would be a good place to start? If you are entirely new to the movement, then I think a quick overview is in order. And probably the simplest comes from ABC News which first aired this video in March 6, 2011. It lasts 8 minutes and 44 seconds. (Sorry for the commercial). It is a compilation of seven shows.

One of their segments includes an experiment. ABC News takes an average American family and visits their house to inspect how much of their household items are made in the USA. All that is not US made is removed. And then, they are replaced with All-American products. It is a surprise how much is not made in the U.S. anymore.

Bottom line: we need to support American made products which increases American manufacturing jobs. For each American manufacturing job created, it creates another four related American jobs. We need to remember basic economic theory, manufacturing and exporting, both, create a strong economy. We have lost track of this over the past 30 years.

We still manufacture about 5% of what we need, it used to be 90%. With clothing, the U.S. manufactures about 2% of what we wear. This blog contains several entries to help you find American made clothing and if you are interested in other items made in America, then click on Best Made in USA websites. If every American spent a measly $3.33 per year on Made in USA products, it would create 10,000 new American jobs, and if it were $64 per year, another 200,000 American jobs would be created.

Diane Sawyer – ABC News


Newslink: Should We Buy U.S. Made Goods/ABC News Video

Made in America | Video – ABC News. This show aired on ABC News on 03/06/2011. It was entitled Should We Buy U.S. – Made Goods. It is very enlightening. (Actually it was a series of seven shows condensed into this one show.) This runs 8 minutes and 44 seconds. It is hosted by Christiane Amenpour. Diane Sawyer appears at the end of the segment in the discussion portion. The premise of the show is to identify from which country the contents of your house are manufactured. And how easy or difficult it is to replace it all with All-American made products.

The take-away facts from this program: if we spent 1% more on American made products or $0.18 per day ($64/ year) would create 200,000 American jobs. Or if we were cheapskates and only spent $3.33/year, this would create 10,000 American jobs. We need an American plan to incentivize manufacturing. And we need a way to get people to think and start buying American again.

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